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Detective Stewie 1.0.0

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About Detective Stewie

The NpcDetective plugin adds a detective named Stewie, standing in the outpost and bandit camp.
Detective for a specified fee through time will send information about the location of the player, but there is a chance that the detective will not be able to find him, as well as that the target will feel the gaze of the detective directed at him.
The plugin is aimed at PVP content and will definitely be of interest to your players who love battles, because they will be able to find out the whereabouts of the obitchik or if they are lucky to find out where his house is, which will allow them to raid him.

Some details of the default plugin settings:

  • There are 2 spawn points on the monuments, in the outpost and the bandit camp.
  • Default mission completion time is 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Chance of mission failure - 30%
  • Chance that the target will feel the detective's gaze - 10%.
  • Kulldown 10 minutes
  • Price for the service is 200 scrap


  • The plugin supports 4 types of economics namely Economics, ServerRewards, IQEconomics, Items
  • Has completely identical UI that Rust uses for conversations as well as for player selection. The UIs have been replicated from scratch and do not require extra dependencies.
  • It has dialogs already ready to use.
  • Provides the ability to translate each of the plugin texts, including the name of the bot above.
  • A wide range of mission settings, including the chances of a variety of events, which greatly fuels interest.
  • The plugin is immediately ready to use without further customization.


  • npcdetective.allow - allows you to use the services of NPCs


  • getnpcpos - allows you to get a spawn point for an NPC, relative to a monument or world (in this case specified as “custom”)


Default Config:

  "Spawn Points": {
    "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/medium/compound.prefab": "-26.38629 0.2249966 -20.25003 -6.138487 245.2638 7.046678",
    "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/monument/medium/bandit_town.prefab": "42.65682 7.059561 -31.20314 8.198808 329.3285 7.740015"
  "Payment Settings": {
    "Provider (Economics | ServerRewards | IQEconomics | Item)": "Item",
    "Provider Currency Name": "scrap",
    "[Item Provider] Short Name": "scrap",
    "[Item Provider] Skin ID": 0,
    "Price of search service": 200
  "Mission Properties": {
    "Information Accuracy Type (Mark | Grid)": "Mark",
    "Lead Time Range Min (in seconds)": 300.0,
    "Lead Time Range Max (in seconds)": 600.0,
    "Cooldown in seconds": 600.0,
    "Chance of mission failure (0-100%)": 30.0,
    "Сhance that the target will sense the presence (0-100%)": 10.0


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