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Additional Belt 1.0.5

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About Additional Belt

The AdditionalBelt plugin is a useful tool for players who want to get the most out of their game experience.

By providing an extra slot in your inventory to carry needed items, this plugin can make gameplay more enjoyable and rewarding.
One of the main benefits of using this plugin is that it allows players to carry more items without losing valuable inventory space. This can be especially useful in gameplay moments where inventory management is a key gameplay element, as it allows players to be more efficient and effective in exploration and combat.


  • Doesn't stress the server. The whole plugin is made on the mechanics of the game and does not stress the server in any way, no data files, no containers with the creation of new items.
  • Convenient bind switch through "E then R", which allows you to freely switch between belts even in the most intense PvP.
  • Nice UI button next to belt slots for switching inside inventory.
  • It's possible to protect a dropped belt, after which a codelock will be installed on the crate.


Plugin Demo:



additionalbelt.enabled - Permission to receive/wear an additional belt
additionalbelt.loot.protection - protect a dropped belt from being looted by other players
additionalbelt.nodrop - Disable the belt dropout
additionalbelt.keep - Saving the belt, returns after respawning


Key combination for switching:

E then R


Default Command:


(Configurable in the config)


Default Config:

  "Cooldown between belt switches in seconds": 0.0,
  "Notify the player in the chat after switching belts?": true,
  "Command": "belt"


Default Lang:

  "NoPermission": "You do not have permission to use this command.",
  "LootProtection": "This crate is protected, it cannot be looted.",
  "Title": "Belt of {0}",
  "Switch": "You switched to an additional belt.",
  "Cooldown": "You switch between belts too often, you can switch again after {0} seconds.",
  "Grant": "You have been added an additional belt. Usage: E then R, console command - {0}, chat command - /{0}.",
  "Revoke": "You have been revoked for an extra belt.",
  "RevokeWithDrop": "You have been revoked for an extra belt. The belt is dropped next to you, remember to pick up your items."


bool HasBelt(ulong playerId) // Find out if a player has an additional belt or not (includes sleepers)
List<Item> GetItems(ulong playerId) // Get a list of additional belt items (includes sleepers)


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