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About Explosive Chest

The plugin adds the ability to use explosive traps in the form of chests. These traps can be used to create interesting moments in the game.

When the player opens or closes an explosive chest, a preparatory process takes place before the explosion. After a certain period of time, the chest explodes within a specified radius, causing damage to surrounding objects and players in the affected area.

If the player tries to attack the exploding chest, the chest can either explode or turn toward the player and fire a missile, after which the chest disappears.


explosivechest.give - for give commands

Console Commands

give.echest - give small wooden box (x100)
give.echest.large - give large wooden box (x100)

Default Config

  "SkinId for the Explosive Chest": 377663254519,
  "Explosion Settings": {
    "When to blow up? (true - after opening, false - after closing)": true,
    "Time to explode after the trigger (in seconds)": 0.3,
    "Clear the chest inventory?": false,
    "Damage": 50.0,
    "Min Radius": 1.0,
    "Radius": 5.0
  "Settings when attacking the chest": {
    "React only to damage from the player?": true,
    "Time to launch after the trigger (in seconds)": 0.5,
    "Clear the chest inventory?": true,
    "Mode (0 - disabled | 1 - explosion | 2 - rocket launch at the player)": 2,
    "Rocket Settings": {
      "Rocket Type (0 - Basic | 1 - HV | 2 - Fire | 3 - Smoke | 4 - MLRS)": 1,
      "Rocket Speed": 20.0

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