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About Chest slot config

The problem:

Let's be honest: each of us found himself in a situation with too much storage containers and without any knowledge on where to find which item.
Sure, you could just add some storage adaptors and pipes to your boxes but then you'll need to configurate each conveyor and care about splitting, routing and combining multiple pipes with multiple conveyors.
Finally set up, the items - configured in the conveyor filters - will just be thrown into the next free slot and it will still be a big mess.

Chest slot config gets you rid of this problem by sorting each item into the slot it belongs in, either by using an industrial conveyor system or by manually moving items into boxes.
Save your (vip) players a ton of work and time they otherwise would waste on searching for items in boxes.



- Assign an item definition for each slot in small and large wooden boxes
- Automatic sorting when attached to an industrial conveyor system
- Manual sorting when right clicking, drag'n'dropping or hover looting items from your inventory
- Display an overlay for the assigned item definition on each slot
- Open the configuration by holding a configurable item or hold the secondary fire button while opening a chest
- Quick select item definitions from categories
- Search for item definitions by name
- Removing and overwriting assigned item definitions
- View-Only mode for players that should not be able to change the configuration



Items will be sorted into the first slot with a matching item definition assigned OR with no item definition assigned.
Since an unconfigured slot will accept every item, the inserted items will be dropped into it even if there's a slot with the correct item definition assigned AFTER the unconfigured slot.
This logic does apply when storing items manually AND using a conveyor system.



Player can open and use the full slot configuration.

Player can only view the assigned item definitions but not change them.


Roadmap / Planned features:

- Full UI rewrite: Yes I know the UI is flickering and looks awful. I'm a developer, not a designer 🙂
- "Clear all" button: Removes all assigned item definitions.
- "Move box" feature: Destroy a box and place it somewhere else without loosing the slot configuration. Just use the plugin "Telekinesis by WhiteThunder", move the box and reattach the storage adaptor. He did a great work with this plugin.
- "Block slot" feature: Blocks a slot entirely so that no item will be sorted into. Useful for later assignment.
- "Copy and paste" feature: Let's you copy and paste the configuration for a whole box (of the same type).
- "Assign slot range" feature: Let's you assign a range of slot instead of having to click every single slot when assigning the same item definition.
- Adding more storage containers: Tool cupboards, lockers etc.
- "Favourite" feature: Let's you mark item definitions as favourite to let you find/access them faster.
- Translation of item definition names: Currently only english is supported since the server does not know which language the clients use. Maybe I will use the "Rust Translation API by Arainrr".
- "Assigned slot first" feature: Items will fill up slots with a matching item definition assigned to it first, even if there are free/unconfigured slots BEFORE matching slots.


Known issues / bugs:

- Conveyors not working when placing storage adaptors with "Ubertool by k1lly0u" (chaos code):
Not a bug with my plugin only, just an information: if you place storage adaptors while "Ubertool" is active, the adaptor will snap to the boxes but will now connect logically. The conveyor will not transport items until you remove the adaptor and place it again with disabled "Ubertool"

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