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Glitched item retriever 1.4.0

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About Glitched item retriever

"My backpack fell through the ground, again!" is a sentence that all admins hate to hear.

And what will happen if no admin is online when a players backpack (or held item) glitches through the ground?
Correct, it will be lost forever.

This plugin checks for all items which are dropped after a players death and will smoothly bring them up to the players death position (+ a little extra so they won't fall through the ground again).
Just one command, one permission permissions and the configuration is very small and simple.

"Lift glitched items slowly up instead of teleporting them instantly": (Just a small cosmetic feature)
     If true, the items will be slowly lifted up until they pop out of the terrain.
     If false, the items will be teleported instantly to the position on which the played died.
--> If you experience any performance issues by the animation/coroutine, leave the setting on "false". While testing I had no performance issues unless I retrieved 50+ items simultaneously (which won't ever happen on a live server nevertheless).

    If a player does not have this permission, his items will not be retrieved.
    Why? Admins tend to throw stuff under the map and want to disable the retrieve logic for these items. Now, you can revoke the permission and throw all your stuff under the map, this plugin will not bring it up to the map.

    Can be used by every player, toggles the above mentioned permission for the calling player.
    Useful for admins when they want to throw stuff under the map. Just toggle the permission (to off), throw the stuff away, toggle the permission again (to on).
To make sure an item is dropped under the terrain ON PURPOSE, I added a minimum distance of 3 meters between the noclip-flying-admin-player and the terrain.
If an admin wants to throw his stuff under the map WITHOUT toggling the permission first, make sure to fly more than 3 meters under the terrain.
If the players position is below the terrain but not at least 3 meters, the plugin assumes that the player glitched through the terrain, dropped the items by accident and retrieves them.

- Since the plugins name could lead to the confusion: currently it only retreives the backpack and/or the held item the player drops on his death.
I will check for items that were looted by p.e. barrels and other props later.
- Maybe: configurable list of items that should be retrieved or ignored by the plugin
- Smoother animation
- Configuration of the message that is sent to the player

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