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About BackPack Pro

Features, can display the physical backpack 3D model, Capacity of the backpack can be 9999+

  • It allows the player to display the 3D model backpack behind
  • 3D Model can be BackPack or Small stash,and can set the size of the model 
  • The capacity of the backpack can be 9999+ or more !
  • Different 3D backpack models and sizes can be specified for different players


Purchase Notes :  (It is not recommended to enable 3D backpack model display on PVP servers,because he's not perfect)

  • If you have usage requirements for the 3D backpack model, it is not recommended to buy it !
  • If using a small stash as a 3D backpack model, then it will cause sinking while swimming, as well as a collision force when the admin uses the F3 key to switch views, like being   pressed by something
  • The 3D backpack model is solid, if you use the building duplication plugin then it will be duplicated too
  • The 3D backpack model is solid, so it blocks bullets
  • The default 3D backpack model will block the line of sight when the player looks down at his toes,also blocks bullets
  • Fortunately player can control the 3D backpack model to show or hide by entering the default chat command /bbset


Default  Chat command

  • /b  - Open view backpack ( permission required : backpackpro.size{number} )
  • /bbset - For players with 3D backpack models to quickly disable or enable 3D template model display

Admin Chat command:

  • /b nameOrSteamIDOrIp - View the target player's backpack ( permission required : backpackpro.admin )

Console command:

  • backpackpro.open (for player binding keys to quickly open backpack)

       Example : bind C backpackpro.open (Type in the F1 console) This will open the backpack when the player presses the C key

      Clicking on the backpack UI picture can also express to open the backpack

  • backpackpro.capacity {Target Player ID/Name} {number} - Used to increase the player's backpack capacity

      If you use the GUIShop or ServerRewards plugin, you can add command items in it

      For example if using GUIShop :   backpackpro.capacity $player.id 5

      This will increase the capacity of the player's backpack by 5 when buying this item

Default backpack capacity permission :

  • backpackpro.size1
  • backpackpro.size6
  • backpackpro.size12
  • backpackpro.size24
  • backpackpro.size42
  • backpackpro.size84
  • backpackpro.size168
  • backpackpro.size336
  • backpackpro.size672
  • backpackpro.size999

Other permissions :

  • backpackpro.admin - (for viewing other players backpack items)
  • backpackpro.nodrop - ( If Death dropped backpack items = true, Players with this permission will not drop items)

Backpack type and model size permission :

     Give players different types of 3D backpack models : permission required backpack capacity permission

  • backpackpro.smallstash.mini
  • backpackpro.smallstash.small
  • backpackpro.smallstash.medium
  • backpackpro.smallstash.large
  • backpackpro.smallstash.mgiant
  • backpackpro.backpack.mini
  • backpackpro.backpack.small
  • backpackpro.backpack.medium
  • backpackpro.backpack.large
  • backpackpro.backpack.mgiant

Config :

  "Backpack Icon": {
    "Enable Icon": true,
    "Image URL": ""
  "Backpack size and permissions": [
  "Blacklist settings": {
    "Blacklist (Item DisplayName)": [
      "Rocket Launcher",
      "L96 Rifle"
    "Enable Blacklist": false
  "Custom command": {
    "Chat command Open BackPack": "b",
    "Chat command switch 3D model": "bbset",
    "Console command Open BackPack": "backpackpro.open"
  "Death drop backpack retention seconds": 300,
  "Death dropped backpack items": false,
  "Default 3D Model Settings": {
    "Default 3D model (false = Small stash , true = Backpack)": true,
    "Default 3D Model size (giant,large,medium,small,mini)": "medium",
    "Enable default model Display": true
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