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About TitanCave[HDRP]


  • Once upon a time, this titan was alive and very strong. Little is known about him, there are legends that this titan held the rock so that people would not die inside. The Titan held on to a huge block of stone for a very long time and died petrified from ancient magic. After a while, people built columns and chains there in order to help him in some way. But these are only legends, although why does he have fire from his eyes?!

About the Cave

  • The monument is great for building by several players.
  • The monument is not noisy and is atmospherically lit at night.
  • The monument is easy to install on the map
  • Around the cave there will be a forest, mushrooms, some stones for mining and decorations
  • Total objects 982
  • You don't need to download anything for it to work, just install it on the map and click all these buttons starting with " Apply Height Mask"

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