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About Trident Cave [Underwater] HDRP

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  • An ancient monument once abandoned by the old Atlantean civilization. In this cave, now an ancient temple, there is a throne in the form of a kraken, with which you can control the cave.
  • The glowing trident that is above the kraken's head is fraught with a lot of energy and you can use it. With the help of the throne, you can turn on and off the lights above, below, and open the gates that are in the Atlantean helmet.
  • You can get into the cave in 2 ways, through the gate (provided that your teammate opened it for you). And the second way is through the top. If there is 1 person at the top, then the gate at the top will open automatically, if two, then the siren at the top will light up, if 3, then the siren on the kraken throne will light up, if 4 or more, then the Tesla coil will work on the upper gate and will work until there are less than 4 people at the top(the more people, the stronger the energy discharge).
  • In this cave you can safely live under water and on land.
  • If you install it under water, you will be able to stay inside without bugs.
  • Total objects 2166
  • Requires a Dll extension Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll
  • https://www.rustedit.io/threads/rustedit-oxide-umod-extension.695/
  • If you install a prefab house without RustEditAPIExample, then you will not be able to use all the electric that is in this monument
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