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About KBEdits World War II 2K Mini Map

KBEdits WWII themed custom map. All the monuments have been built into a custom crafted 2k map that is suitable for both small and medium pop servers. The loot has been taken from the official Facepunch monuments.

Like most wars supplies such as food and water are scarce so thinking outside the box is required. 
The trenches have been integrated into observation posts and an old disused mine network. 
The main monuments (V2 Launch-site and Guernsey Island) have different io puzzles, using both terrain and BotSpawn to make  entering and leaving them fun. 
The outpost/bandit camp have been integrated into an abandoned Chateau. 

Having over 15 different custom prefabs this map and its terrain will challenge even the most veteran of Rust players.     
Includes the standard Rust Subway and 2 underwater Labs for those that fancy some of the normal Rust monuments to collect and gather the necessary materials to build up.

Please be aware that this map is not editable by the buyer, we are available to make small changes if necessary for any buyer, but we have designed the map to be played as is.
The prefabs have NOT been included in this map pack as we wish to keep the map price as low as possible and make it available to all server owners.

Some parts of the in-game videos from the links below contain custom elements that are not available in the pack.
Please ensure that you understand this before purchase as no refunds will be given.

Monument Listing

  • Island Checkpoint — Green Card Spawn. Recycler.
  • Arms Depot — Green/Blue/Red Puzzle with Red Card Spawn.
  • Greencastle Lighthouse — Green Puzzle and Blue Card Spawn.
  • V2 Launchsite — Green/Blue/Red Puzzle WB and recycler.
  • Guernsey Green/Blue/Red Puzzle with Red Card Spawn.
  • Flooded Tunnel Puzzle.
  • 3 Gun Batteries with some basic loot and a Green Card Spawn.
  • 2 Trench systems that lead via mines to observation Posts and 1 that connects to V2 Launchsite.
  • Water Depot, fresh supply of free water.
  • The Farm — Basic loot and recycler.
  • Stolla Petrol Green Card Spawn and basic loot with recycler.
  • Le Harve Harbor Green Card Puzzle with Blue Card Spawn.
  • 2 Underwater-Labs.
  • 3 Metro entrances.
  • Combined Outpost and Bandit Camp with all related vending and gambling as normal.

Prefab Count: 28k
2k high detail map.

NOTE: Standard game play progression with plenty of resources for a small/medium pop server.




Map Video  Overview




Arms-Depot  Walkthrough



V2 Launchsite — Walkthrough


Check it out yourself before considering buying it!

KBEdits WWII Duo/Trio Server


For support and help if needed, join the KBEdits main RustEdit Discord link.
The prefabs featured in this map will be available to purchase soon on Codefling.com

The map comes in 2 versions 1 that has standard in-game scientist spawns (KBEdits-wwii-2k-1-0-S) and another with no scientist spawns (KBEdits-wwii-2k-1-0-NS), if you use this version of the map I suggest using BotSpawn for creating spawn locations if needed.

As always, credit has to go to Bran and Cobalt for work on this map, Bran as always this map would be just a dream without your knowledge and excellent understanding of terrain and gameplay and of course the push. Cobalt for the great prefabs. Thanks guys! 🙂

Big thanks to all involved and special thanks to Ted Pommes for the video, visit Ted here for more videos on Rust.
Ted's Channel

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