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About Police Vehicles

This plugin will allow players with permission to spawn police vehicles. This is perfect for any RP server. Current vehicles available are police car, police transport vehicle, police miniheli, police scrap transport helicopter and police boat. Each player may only have one vehicle spawned and in used at once, this is to stop players crashing the server. Each vehicle will spawn with an amount of fuel set in the configuration file.


Permission required for player to use plugin:




"/policecar" spawns police car

"/policetransport" spawns police transport vehicle

"/policeheli" spawns police minicopter

"/policehelilarge" spawns police scrap transport helicopter

"/policeboat" spawns police boat

"/removevehicle" destroys players current vehicle, allowing them to spawn an new/ different one

Configuration file:

  "Police car spawn fuel amount": 500, //set amount of fuel when the vehicle spawns
  "Police transport spawn fuel amount": 500,
  "Police heli spawn fuel amount": 500,
  "Police heli large spawn fuel amount": 500,
  "Police boat spawn fuel amount": 500,
  "Lock police car engine bay components": true, // true means that players will be able to view the engine bay but not be able to take or change the parts
  "Lock police Transport engine bay components": true //false means that players will  be able to steal parts


Requires Spawn Modular Car plugin for police car and police transport vehicle:


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