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EZ Server Setup - Admin Plugins 1.0.3

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All plugin download links can be found in the installation instructions that come with the zip file.

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About EZ Server Setup - Admin Plugins


Easy Rust Server Setup

So, you're probably wondering, why did I make this? Well, most of the time I find myself needing to set up a server in a pinch for an event or some other reason, and it takes me forever to transfer over all of the plugins, or redownload them all and remember not to forget any essentials plugins I normally use for Admin related tasks. This simple setup is an easy way to create a server with a near drag and drop method to just get on moving with more important tasks.

This setup is mainly geared towards newer server owners that don't really know where to start, and server owners that want a good baseline setup/template to use in all their servers. Thats why I have included a section called "Why Is This Plugin Here?". This section will outline why I chose to put this plugin into the setup, and what the plugin accomplishes.

While this setup uses readily available plugins that are free to use, I would recommend taking a look at the "Suggested Paid Plugins" section to buy these plugins and support these developers. I personally use all of these plugins, and I highly recommend them. I have also included a pre-configured update checker plugin so that you'll always be up to date with the latest plugin versions.

Note: This package isn't a 100% drag and drop method, its just a base line to easily install these plugins, and helps you get up and running faster.


- Preconfigured plugins with optimized settings
- Updated modern UI for plugins allowing UI customization
- A set of installation instructions so you won't miss any important steps to setup
- Preconfigured permissions and groups to allow you easier modification later on
- Top free Anti-Cheat detection plugins to prevent your server from being griefed or have your players not have fun
- Most used Admin/Moderation plugins so you can administer your server more effectively
- Additional optional quality of life plugins added and configured properly
- Included .gitignore file so you can push your changes to GitHub without having to worry about commit failures due to large file sizes
- Included .pteroignore so that server owners who are renting from a host or have their own Pterodactyl Panel can backup their servers with only the essential files being saved. This will reduce backup size so if your host has a hard drive space limit, you're less likely to hit it
- Fixed Lang files so they're easier to read for players and server owners
- Pterodactyl Panel Recommended Scheduled Tasks
- Pre-Configured Admin Kits for Building and Weapons Testing

Groups & Permissions

Currently there are a number of groups/ranks already set up for you, as well as permissions for each group. These groups and their permissions are defined below: Gold ranks should be sold on your Tebex, or Tip4Serv stores and should match the same permissions as the non-gold ranks. This eliminates the "pay to win" environment, which if we learned anything from EA Games, is something that you just shouldn't do.

For easier to read information regarding groups and permissions check out this article: https://gist.github.com/JDsWebService/cba40563eb178be94cead53da8f6cf74

Default - The default rank a player gets when joining a server
VIP/VIP Gold - The next rank a player should be able to achieve
Veteran/Veteran Gold - The highest level a player should be able to achieve
Moderators - Lowest level of staff rank. Should only be able to do limited functions such as kicking, muting, and banning players
Admin - Someone who works on the servers backend. Adding and configuring plugins, or has the ability to debug plugins when something goes wrong

Default Rank
- Auto CCTV Stations
- Easy Vote
- Keywords (Triggers when a keyword is used)
- Private Messages
- Remover Tool (Normal)
- Suicide Kill (Suicide Only)
- Whitelist (Allowed by Default)

VIP/VIP Gold Rank
- Bypass Queue

Veteran/Veteran Gold Rank
- AFK Excluded
- Bypass Queue
- Vending Machine Timeout Bypass

Moderator Rank
- AFK Excluded
- Better Chat Mute (Players Only)
- Bypass Queue
- Keywords (Bypass)
- Entity Owner (Can Check Owner)
- Inventory Viewer (Only View Inventories)
- Smart Warnings Lite (Can issue warning)
- Vending Machine Timeout Bypass

- Admin Radar
- AFK Excluded
- Antispam Immunity
- Arkan Output to Chat
- Auto CCTV Stations (Admin)
- Automated Stash Traps (Admin and Bypass)
- Better Chat (Admin)
- Better Chat Filter (Admin)
- Better Chat Mute (Global & Players)
- Better Say
- Blueprint Manager (Unlocks All Blueprints)
- Bypass Queue
- Entity Owner (Can Check All Data)
- Freeze (Freeze Players)
- Give
- Godmode
- Inventory Cleaner
- Inventory Viewer (View and Manipulate)
- Keywords Bypass
- Nightvision
- No Durability
- Permissions Manager
- Placeholder API (Testing & Debug)
- Remover Tool (All Tools)
- Scientist Names (Add Names)
- Smart Warnings Lite (Add and Clear Warnings)
- Suicide Kill (Hurt, Kill, and Suicide)
- Teleport Marker
- Timed Permissions
- Update Checker GUI (Use the config though instead of the GUI... Better control)
- Vanish
- Vending Machine Timeout Bypass
- Whitelist Allowed


Why do I have to pay for this setup if all the plugins in here are free?
You're not paying for the plugins. What you're paying for is the configuration of these plugins, the detailed installation instructions, video productio (coming soon!), and the time it took to set this all up. While I do want to make this setup as cheap as possible, I do value my time and your payment helps me keep the lights on. 😛

Where are the installation instructions?
The installation instructions are included in the downloadable file after your purchase this setup.

Why Is This Plugin Here?

Some plugins below are going to be labeled as optional. They aren't necessarily required, but I personally think that they are a good addition for either debug, lag busting, or general use purposes. They aren't for every server.

Plugins marked as "Library" are just a plugin that other plugins use. The main function is to provide additional hooks that a plugin developer can use during their development process for handling various tasks.

Plugins marked as "Community" are safe to use in a community server in its entirety. Remember, a community server must not interfere with player gameplay, their UI, or modify any aspect of the game outside of plugins used to administer the server. Plugins marked as "Community Admin Only" are plugins that do modify the gameplay for admins, but are NOT sutable for players.

[Community] Admin Logger: Logs all admin actions to Discord. Easily identify admin abuse or just keep a log of all the commands and actions taken by your admins / moderators.
[Community] Admin No Loot: Prevent players from looting admins. Specifically users with the Auth Level 2.
[Community Admin Only] Admin Radar: Quickly locate entities in your server. This includes players, heli, npcs, and bradley.
[Community Admin Only] AFK: Kicks players after being inactive for a certain amount of time. (Optional)
[Community] Anti Spam: Plugin to filter spam and impersonation.
[Community] Arkan: Scripting anti-cheat plugin
[Community Admin Only] Auto CCTV Stations: The in game CCTV stations are just a simple google search away to any player. This plugin just auto adds those publicly available CCTV stations to the computer stations. (Optional)
[Community] Auto Demo Record Lite: Records a player as a demo file to be played back whenever a player gets reported.
Auto Stash Traps: ESP hacker identifier plugin. This plugin randomly places stashes with a predefined inventory all around the map. Since these stashes were placed randomly by the plugin, anyone who finds one is most likely using an ESP cheat.
[Community] Better Chat: Enables you to have titles in your chat for various ranks. Also this plugin is an easy way to create ranks in a server as you can define the rank in the `oxide/data/BetterChat.json` file, and the group is automatically made for you with the appropriate title, priority, color, and more.
[Community] Better Chat Filter: Automatically performs moderation actions based on a word filter list. If the word the player uses is on the filtered words list, then it will either mute, kick, or ban them.
[Community] Better Chat Mute: Allows moderators and admins a /mute functionality to mute a user from the chat.
[Community] Better Say: Makes the console command `say` look a little nicer with your servers name, or organizations name.
[Community Admin Only] Blueprint Manager: Makes managing blueprints fairly easy. (Optional)
[Community] Bypass Queue: Allows paid ranks the ability to bypass the server queue.
[Community] Custom Map Name: Make your server stand out with a custom name instead of the generic "Procedural Map" name.
[Community] Discord Logger: Logs a ton of various server events to Discord. A must have to keep track of events, errors, and moderation actions.
[Community] Discord Messages: Library
[Community] Discord Presence: Sets up a Discord bot that can be displayed near the top of your users list showing useful information to your players such as number of users currently connected, entity count, number of sleepers, and lifetime players. (Optional)
[Community] Discord Server Stats: Provides an easy to see Discord embed that displays various information about your server, along with a Steam direct connect link so your players can easily connect to your server. (Optional)
[Community (No Rewards Can Be Given)] Easy Vote: Allows the player to vote for your server on one of the popular Rust server voting websites. You can specify if you want to give them a reward for voting or not. (Optional)
[Community Admin Only] Entity Owner: Allows an admin insight into who owns a structure or entity.
[Community Admin Only] Freeze: Allows an admin to freeze a player in place, good to prevent a player from doing anything while you investigate a report, or just to mess with them.
[Community Admin Only] Give: Gives you the ability to give yourself massive amounts of items using slash commands instead of using the F1 console.
[Community Admin Only] Godmode: Prevents damage to an admin/moderator. This removes the need to use the `god true` command in console.
[Community] Godmode Indicator: Shows when you're in Godmode.
[Community] Image Library: Library that handles Images.
[Community Admin Only] Inventory Cleaner: Quickly clears your inventory of items.
[Community Admin Only] Inventory Viewer: View other players inventory.
[Community] Keywords: Sends a discord notification whenever certain words are said in chat. Good to use if you want to know if a player needs an admin, or moderator.
Loading Messages: Makes your server stand out by giving your players useful information while they load into the server.
Loot Bouncer: Prevents half looted containers from remaining in the world. This is 100% an optional plugin. Also not community server friendly.
[Community] MLRS Respawner: Fixes an issue where the MLRS spawns in with a -1 health value, and respawns the MLRS into the world upon server initialization.
[Community] Nav Mesh Error Fix: Gets rid of Nav Mesh errors in console.
[Community Admin Only] Night Vision: Allows an admin to set the time of day for them to always be day.
[Community Admin Only] No Durability: Allows an admin to not have any durability on their items so they can test out features of the server without having to worrying about their item breaking.
[Community] No Give Notices: Removes notices in chat about an admin giving themselves or other players items.
[Community] Placeholder API: Library
Powerless Neon: Completely optional, but this removes the power requirement for neon signs. Its a sign. No need to tax your users to use it.
[Community] Private Messages: Allows users to send private messages to one another.
[Community Admin Only] Remover Tool: Optional for players, a must have for admins. Allows the admin to remove placed entities, or complete structures. Good for use after a player or clan has been banned, and you want to remove their items.
Scientist Names: Adds real surnames to scientist NPC's. (Optional)
[Community] Smart Warnings Lite: Allows an admin or moderator the ability to warn a user, which they then have to acknowledge before continuing to play on the server.
Suicide Kill: Gives the player the /suicide chat command. Just a simplier way to kill yourself.
[Community Admin Only] Teleport Marker: Allows an admin to quickly teleport around the map. This replaces the need to use the F1 console command `teleport2marker`. Once you place down a marker, it will automatically teleport you.
[Community] Timed Permissions: Allows an admin to give players timed ranks/groups or permissions.
Unburnable Meat: Doesn't allow meat to burn (Optional)
[Community Admin Only] Vanish: Allows the admin to remain hidden from the players view.
Vending Machine Timeout: No more hogging the vending machines. This forces the player to exit the vending machine UI after a specified amount of time giving another player a chance to use the vending machine.
Vender Rotate Protection: Prevents the player from rotating a vending machine when theres nothing in it, and it doesn't belong to them.
Weather Events: Adds random weather events to your server. Pair with Timed Execute plugin (not included) to call the `we random` command to specify a random weather event.
[Community] Whitelist: Blocks certain players from connecting to the server.
[Community] Update Checker: Checks for plugin updates from uMod, Codefling, and Lone Design
[Community] Permissions Manager: Provides a simple to use GUI to edit groups and permissions

Suggested Paid Plugins

Smart Warnings - https://codefling.com/plugins/smart-warnings
Camomo's Payback - https://payback.fragmod.com/products/payback
Admin Menu - https://chaoscode.io/resources/admin-menu.59/
Player Ranks (Free!) - https://codefling.com/plugins/player-ranks
Player List - https://codefling.com/plugins/player-list
Admin Toggle - https://codefling.com/plugins/admin-toggle
Welcome Info - https://codefling.com/plugins/welcome-info-ui
Rusty Admin Tools (Payback Alternative) - https://codefling.com/plugins/rusty-admin-tools
Info Hud Bar - https://codefling.com/plugins/infohudbar
Advanced Alerts - https://codefling.com/plugins/advanced-alerts

Some Additional Things To Note Before Buying

Discord Webhooks

At this point in time, I'm going to assume that you know how to create a Discord Bot, and create Discord webhooks. If you don't, the links below will help you set up a bot, and instruct you on how to use webhooks.

Discord Bot Making Tutorial: https://github.com/jagrosh/MusicBot/wiki/Getting-a-Bot-Token
Discord Webhooks Tutorial: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/228383668-Intro-to-Webhooks

Your Code Editor and Why It's Important

PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THATS HOLY STOP USING NOTEPAD++. You should migrate to a more professional editor. It makes your life so much simplier, has a better UI, and has increased functionality. My suggestion is to use Visual Studio Code. You can set up an SFTP connection so that you can edit files directly on your server, and push your changes to GitHub all directly from the editor. A link is below to download Visual Studio Code.


Also watch this video by Network Chuck! It goes into VS Code in more depth!

RGBA Normalized Decimal Values

In the installation instructions, I will refer to RGBA Normalized Decimal values. These are color codes that specify certain colors based on values. An easy to use color picker can be found here: https://doc.instantreality.org/tools/color_calculator/

JSON Crash Course

Also, we need to quickly go over the concept of keys and values. In JSON we can have the following code:

    "key": "value"

The key is the first part that specifies what you're defining, and the value is the definition itself. The key must always be wrapped with double quotation marks. These two items are commonly referred to as key value pairs. Some values can have different types. This is where the concept of strings, integers, floats, objects, booleans, and arrays come into play. The following defines what those types are:

Strings: A string is a set of text that is wrapped inside of double quotation marks.
Integer: A whole number value without a decimal point
Float: A integer value including the decimal point
Objects: A collection of key value pairs
Boolean: A true or false value
Arrays: A collection of any of the above value types

Some examples are:

    "strings": "This is a string",
    "The value of this key is set to an empty string": "",
    "integer": 2930,
    "float": 10.291,
    "Normalized Decimal RGBA (White)": "1 1 1 1",
    "Normalized Decimal RGBA (Black)": "0 0 0 1",
    "string-array": [
        "This is a string",
        "This is another string"
    "integer-array": [
    "float-array": [
    "this is a key with an object value": {
        "This is a nested key": "This is its string value",
        "This is another nested key": [
            "That has an array of strings",
            "as its value"
    "This is a boolean key with a value of": false

These concepts will be referred to in the installation instructions, and its good to know these terms as it will help you help the developer of the plugin should any issue arise with the plugin itself, and you need to describe what's going on in your configuration. For example, you can say "I set the Discord webhook key to a string containing my webhook url", which makes a lot more sense then just saying "I put my webhook in the config, WhY iT nO wOrK?!?". Its more detailed and a developer can identify issues more quickly if they know what exactly it is you did.

Also due to the way that C# (the programming language that Rust plugins are written in) handles floats and integers, its important that if a configuration file has integer or float value, you should leave them as such. Meaning, don't turn an integer into a float, and don't turn a float into an integer. If you want a whole number float, put 10.0 instead of just 10, and on the flip side don't substitute 10.0 for just 10.

If you want to learn more about JSON and get a better FULL understanding, watch this YouTube video! The installation instructions will refer to the JSON concepts referenced in this video, and since pretty much every plugin created for Rust uses JSON, you should probably learn the proper terminology related to JSON.



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