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About SmartWarnings Lite

SmartWarnings Lite simplifies and streamlines your server moderation by providing means to consistently Warn your players for misconduct.

Gone are the times when you leave manual notes at sleeping players, for this plugin creates a smooth but intimidating chat warning displaying clearly to the player what they've done wrong and how to learn from it.

Rule enforcement has never been easier before.


If you enjoy the Free lite version of the plugin, please consider supporting the developer by upgrading to the Full version.
In return you get many more useful features & fast developer support, it's a win-win.

Link here: https://codefling.com/plugins/smart-warnings



  • /warn (player name or id) "reason"

Dispatches a warning with a custom reason or presetRequires permission: smartwarnings.admin

  • /warn info (player name or id, leave blank to see your own)

Shows the amount of warnings, warning points and the individual warning details in chat.Requires permission: smartwarnings.admin to see other players. Default permission can only see their own warnings.

  • /warn clear (player name or id) (id or ALL)

Clear a specific warning ID by specifying the warning number, or specify ALL to clear all player warnings.

Requires elevated permission: smartwarnings.admin.canclear

Below command is only supported in the full version

  • /warn clan (clan tag) "reason"

Dispatches a warning with a custom reason or preset to an entire clan (Requires Clans plugin)Requires permission: smartwarnings.admin


  "System Settings": {
    "Max Warnings": 5,
    "Default Warning Expiration time (Days)": 7,
    "Announce Warnings in Global Chat": true,
    "Show players who issued the warning": true,
    "Server Name": "MyRustServer",
    "Clear all Warnings on Server Wipe": true
///// Below configuration is only supported in the full version @ https://codefling.com/plugins/smart-warnings
  "Warning Presets": {
    "spam": {
      "Reason": "§1 - Spamming",
      "Points": 1,
      "ExpirationDays": 3.0
    "toxic": {
      "Reason": "§2 - Toxic behaviour",
      "Points": 2,
      "ExpirationDays": 7.0
  "Autoban Settings": {
    "How many points until automatic ban (Set 0 for Disable)": 0,
    "How many warnings until automatic ban (Set 0 for Disable, Recommended: Same as Max Warnings)": 0,
    "How long to ban in minutes (Set 0 for Permanent)": 2880,
    "Clear the players Warnings on AutoBan (Default: True)": true
  "Discord Settings": {
    "Webhook URL - Post Warnings to Discord (Leave blank to Disable)": "",
    "Webhook URL - Post Autobans to Discord (Leave blank to Disable)": ""
  "AutoMod Settings": {
    "Mute on 2 warning points": {
      "PointTrigger": 2,
      "ExecuteCommand": "mute {0} {1}",
      "ClearPointsOnTrigger": false
    "Kick on 4 warning points": {
      "PointTrigger": 4,
      "ExecuteCommand": "kick {0} {1}",
      "ClearPointsOnTrigger": true

SmartWarnings Full vs Lite

Below are the additional features provided by the full version of the plugin.

  • Warn entire clans using /warn clan
    • No need to dispatch a warning to every individual player if the whole clan has been misbehaving. The full version integrates with Clans.
  • Create custom presets for common violations
    • Presets can be made for example to reflect the server rules, it can be configured so that your admins can type /warn joe rule1 and it will spell out the entire rule 1 in the warning.
    • Presets can have an Expiration date which will remove the warning, allowing non-repeating offenders to be cleared if they're well behaving in the long term.
    • Presets can have a Warning Point weight which will give them different severity that can influence when to trigger an Automatic Ban (if enabled).
  • Automatically Ban players with X amount of Warnings or Warning Points
    • With this feature Enabled a player will be Automatically Banned when reaching the configured Warning amount or Warning Points.
    • For example, configure 3 warnings to be max and enable auto ban will ban a player when the third warning has been dispatched.
    • Supports Temporary Autobans
    • If you're the kind of type that believes in second chances, when configured it bans the player lets them know when they're welcome back!
    • Optional feature: Clear the player's warning when autobanned (True by default),
    • This can conveniently be set to False if you want the player to be instantly auto banned next time a warning is dispatched.
  • Extensive Logging both File based and Discord
    • Configure Discord Webhook links to log Warnings and/or Autobans to Discord.
  • Customizable Branding
    • GUI-popup warning with Server Logo branding
  • AUTOMOD: Fully customizable command actions on X warning points
    • Define any custom command to be executed at X warning point.
    • This allows you to integrate with any other plugin for example mute, jails or whatever really.
    • For example: set to mute on 2 warning points, kick on 4 warning points, teleport to jail on 6 warning points.

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