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Found 2 results

  1. IIIaKa


    Version 0.1.3


    Useful Rules Agreement Plugin. Allowing you to prevent players who do not agree with your rules from playing on the server. Disables the ability to use the keyboard, mouse, commands, chat and voice chat in the game until the rules window is closed; Content scrolling; Inability to press the accept button until you have read all the pages; Ability to request agreement with the rules once, upon updating the rule date. For this, the date from the configuration file "Date of rules update." is used; A timer after which the player will be kicked if they do not accept the rules; A consecutive refusals counter, upon reaching which the player will be banned; Adds 4 new hooks for developers. 2 of them can be overrided; Effect of opening the rules; Effect of accepting the rules; The ability to enable/disable rules; The ability to request players to agree to the rules again, using a command. rules.ignore - Provides the ability to ignore rules agreements. rules.admin - Provides the ability to ignore rules agreements. Also includes the ability to use enable/disable and reask commands. { "Use GameTip for messages?": true, "Rules command": "rules", "Date of rules update. Format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm": "2024-05-10 20:27", "Enable agreement with rules requirement?": true, "Is it necessary to ask for agreement to the rules once?": true, "Should a player be prevented from using chat until they agree to the rules?": true, "Should a player be prevented from using commands until they agree to the rules?": true, "Should a player be prevented from using voice chat until they agree to the rules?": true, "Is it necessary to request agreement from all players with the rules after plugin (re)load or enabled?": true, "The time in seconds after which a player will be kicked(0 to disable)": 0.0, "The number of rule rejects in a row after which a player will be banned(0 to disable)": 5, "Show Rules Sound - Prefab Name(leave it blank to disable)": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/invite_notice.prefab", "Rules Accepted Sound - Prefab Name(leave it blank to disable)": "assets/prefabs/misc/xmas/advent_calendar/effects/open_advent.prefab", "Panel - Main Width": 640, "Panel - Main Height": 540, "Panel - Title Background Color": "#1AA6F2", "Panel - Title Background Transparency": 0.9, "Panel - Title Sprite Image": "assets/icons/warning.png", "Panel - Title Sprite Color": "#FFFFFF", "Panel - Title Text Size": 16, "Panel - Title Text Color": "#FFFFFF", "Panel - Title Text Font": "RobotoCondensed-Bold.ttf", "Panel - Title SubText Size": 11, "Panel - Title SubText Color": "#FFFFFF", "Panel - Title SubText Font": "RobotoCondensed-Regular.ttf", "Panel - Pagination Background Color": "#E6E6E6", "Panel - Pagination Background Transparency": 0.7, "Panel - Pagination Text Size": 14, "Panel - Pagination Text Color": "#FFFFFF", "Panel - Pagination Text Font": "RobotoCondensed-Regular.ttf", "Panel - Content Background Color": "#E6E6E6", "Panel - Content Background Transparency": 0.7, "Panel - Content Progress Height": 2, "Panel - Content Progress Color": "#338FFF", "Panel - Content Progress Transparency": 1.0, "Panel - Content Text Size": 14, "Panel - Content Text Color": "#FFFFFF", "Panel - Content Text Font": "RobotoCondensed-Regular.ttf", "Panel - Content Text FadeIn": 1.0, "Panel - Footer Background Color": "#79CBFF", "Panel - Footer Background Transparency": 0.8, "Panel - Footer Button Text Size": 14, "Panel - Footer Button Text Font": "RobotoCondensed-Regular.ttf", "Panel - Footer Button Decline Text Color": "#FFFFFF", "Panel - Footer Decline Background Color": "#E6E6E6", "Panel - Footer Decline Background Transparency": 0.7, "Panel - Footer Button Accept Text Color": "#FFFFFF", "Panel - Footer Accept Background Color": "#338FFF", "Panel - Footer Accept Background Transparency": 1.0, "Panel - Footer Inactive Accept Background Color": "#E6E6E6", "Panel - Footer Inactive Accept Background Transparency": 0.7, "Version": { "Major": 0, "Minor": 1, "Patch": 3 } } Note: List of available fonts: https://umod.org/guides/rust/basic-concepts-of-gui#fonts. EN: { "RulesAccepted": "Thank you for accepting our terms! Enjoy the game!", "RulesEnabled": "The requirement to agree with the rules is enabled!", "RulesDisabled": "The requirement to agree with the rules is disabled!", "RulesAlreadyEnabled": "The requirement to agree with the rules is already enabled!", "RulesAlreadyDisabled": "The requirement to agree with the rules is already disabled!", "RulesOnceEnabled": "One-time request for agreement with the rules enabled!", "RulesOnceDisabled": "One-time request for agreement with the rules disabled!", "RulesReAsk": "All players have been sent the agreement with the rules!", "RulesNotFound": "Argument {0} not found!", "KickReason": "You have been kicked because you declined our rules!", "BanReason": "You have been banned because you declined our rules {0} times in a row!", "BtnAccept": "Accept", "BtnDecline": "Decline", "Year": "Year", "January": "January", "February": "February", "March": "March", "April": "April", "May": "May", "June": "June", "July": "July", "August": "August", "September": "September", "October": "October", "November": "November", "December": "December", "PanelTitle": "Terms Of Service", "PanelLastUpdate": "Last updated on <color=brown>{0}</color>", "PanelPageNext": ">", "PanelPagePrevious": "<", "Rules_1": "<b>1. Information</b>\n\n<b>1.1</b> - Lack of knowledge of the rules does not exempt you from responsibility.\n<b>1.2</b> - By playing on the server, you automatically agree to all the rules listed below.\n<b>1.3</b> - If you have already been caught using cheats/macros or exploiting on another server/project, and there is proof against you, we reserve the right to ban you without further investigation.\n<b>1.4</b> - The administration determines the punishment for a player based on the severity of the violation and the circumstances. Violators may receive a warning or a permanent ban (there is no temporary bans). Bans apply to all servers within the project.\n<b>1.5</b> - The administration does not compensate for in-game items lost due to your errors, technical server/hosting issues, game bugs, or contact with rule violators.\n<b>1.6</b> - The administration does not interfere in player-to-player relationships. You are solely responsible for the people you choose to play with, so if a player deceives you, there will be no punishments for them from us.\n<b>1.7</b> - You are responsible for all your accounts. If one account is banned, the ban applies to all your accounts. The same applies if one of your accounts has a game ban (EAC).\n<b>1.8</b> - Impersonating a member of the server's administration is prohibited.", "Rules_2": "<b>2. Gameplay</b>\n\n<b>2.1</b> - It is prohibited to use/store/purchase/distribute third-party software or any other means that provide an advantage over other players.\n<b>2.2</b> - Using cheat services is forbidden.\n<b>2.3</b> - Exploiting game bugs is not allowed.\n<b>2.4</b> - Exceeding the player limit in a team is prohibited:\n<b>+</b> Alliances or truces with other players are not allowed if the total number of players involved exceeds the server's limitations;\n<b>+</b> Frequent changes of allies will be considered a rule violation, as will playing with another player while your teammate is AFK or not nearby;\n<b>+</b> Changing teammates temporarily is not allowed if the replaced teammate intends to continue playing with you;\n<b>+</b> Changing a partner is allowed if your previous partner will not be in contact with you in the future.", "Rules_3": "<b>3. In-Game Chat/Voice Chat</b>\n\n<b>3.1</b> - Discussion of politics, religion, immoral, and other inappropriate topics is prohibited.\n<b>3.2</b> - Inciting national, racial, or religious hatred or insulting other players and individuals is forbidden.\n<b>3.3</b> - Posting links to third-party services and websites in the chat is not allowed.\n<b>3.4</b> - Spamming (repeatedly posting meaningless phrases or characters) or sending identical messages in a short period of time is prohibited.\n<b>3.5</b> - Selling or pretending to sell cheats/macros is not allowed.\n<b>3.6</b> - Proposing actions that lead to an unwanted server exit is prohibited. Such actions include, for example, pressing <b>alt+f4</b>, typing <b>disconnect</b> in the console, and similar actions whose meanings other players may not be aware of.\n<b>3.7</b> - The administration reserves the right to mute or block a player in the chat if they behave inappropriately or disrespectfully towards other players.\n<b>3.8</b> - Selling/buying in-game items for real currency, crypto or skins is prohibited.", "Rules_4": "<b>4. In-Game Check</b>\n\n<b>4.1</b> - In-Game checks are conducted exclusively through the <b>Discord</b> program. Every player on our project must have the ability to access it for the purpose of undergoing in-game checks.\n<b>4.2</b> - Calls for in-game checks are made only through in-game notifications and never through voice or text chat.\n<b>4.3</b> - If a player leaves the server, ignores a in-game check, or refuses to participate in it, they will immediately receive a ban.\n<b>4.4</b> - Clearing your PC before a in-game check is prohibited.\n<b>4.5</b> - Refusal to provide the necessary information for the in-game check or inappropriate behavior will result in a ban.\n<b>4.6</b> - If a player is banned as a result of a in-game check (including bans for refusal, ignoring, leaving the server, and providing incorrect contact information), their entire team will also be banned.\n\n<b>+</b> You have the full right to refuse to undergo a in-game check, but in this case, you and your allies will be banned.\n<b>+</b> Leaving the server, providing incorrect contact information, and ignoring the in-game check will also be considered a refusal.\n<b>+</b> If you agree to undergo the in-game check, you automatically allow the administration to install third-party programs necessary for checking your PC(e.g., AnyDesk, RCC, etc.).\n\n<b>Appeal Process</b>\nOne month after the ban, you have the ability to submit an appeal, but only if the ban was not for cheats or macros.\nAppeals can be submitted on our website.", "Rules_5": "Rules_5", "Rules_6": "Rules_6", "Rules_7": "Rules_7", "Rules_8": "Rules_8", "Rules_9": "Rules_9", "Rules_10": "Rules_10", "Rules_11": "Rules_11", "Rules_12": "Rules_12", "Rules_13": "Rules_13", "Rules_14": "Rules_14", "Rules_15": "Rules_15" } RU: { "RulesAccepted": "Спасибо, что приняли наши условия! Приятной вам игры!", "RulesEnabled": "Требование согласия с правилами включено!", "RulesDisabled": "Требование согласия с правилами выключено!", "RulesAlreadyEnabled": "Требование согласия с правилами уже включено!", "RulesAlreadyDisabled": "Требование согласия с правилами уже выключено!", "RulesOnceEnabled": "Однократный запрос на согласие с правилами включен!", "RulesOnceDisabled": "Однократный запрос на согласие с правилами выключен!", "RulesReAsk": "Всем игрокам разослано соглашение с правилами!", "RulesNotFound": "Аргумент {0} не найден!", "KickReason": "Вы были исключены, так как вы отклонили наши правила!", "BanReason": "Вы были заблокированы, так как вы в {0} раз подряд отклонили наши правила!", "BtnAccept": "Принимаю", "BtnDecline": "Отказываюсь", "Year": "года", "January": "Января", "February": "Февраля", "March": "Марта", "April": "Апреля", "May": "Мая", "June": "Июня", "July": "Июля", "August": "Августа", "September": "Сентября", "October": "Октября", "November": "Ноября", "December": "Декабря", "PanelTitle": "Условия использования", "PanelLastUpdate": "Последнее обновление <color=brown>{0}</color>", "PanelPageNext": ">", "PanelPagePrevious": "<", "Rules_1": "<b>1. Информация</b>\n\n<b>1.1</b> - Не знание правил не освобождает Вас от ответственности.\n<b>1.2</b> - Играя на сервере Вы автоматически соглашаетесь со всеми нижеперечисленными пунктами правил.\n<b>1.3</b> - Если Вы уже были замечены с читами/макросами или использованием просвета на другом сервере/проекте и на вас есть пруфы - мы имеем право забанить Вас без проверки.\n<b>1.4</b> - Администрация сама выбирает наказание для игрока в зависимости от степени нарушения и обстоятельств. Нарушитель может получить как предупреждение, так и перманентный бан(временных блокировок нет). Блокировка выдаётся на всех серверах проекта.\n<b>1.5</b> - Администрация не компенсирует игровые ценности, утраченные по причине вашей ошибки, технических проблем на сервере/хостинге, багов игры или контакта с нарушителями.\n<b>1.6</b> - Администрация не вмешивается во взаимоотношения игроков, за тех с кем вы играете ответственны только Вы, поэтому в случае если игрок вас обманет — ему ничего за это не будет.\n<b>1.7</b> - Вы несете ответственность за все свои аккаунты. Получив бан на одном аккаунте - Вы получите его и на остальных аккаунтах. То же самое будет если на одном из ваших аккаунтах имеется игровая блокировка(EAC).\n<b>1.8</b> - Запрещено выдавать себя за члена Администрации сервера.", "Rules_2": "<b>2. Геймплей</b>\n\n<b>2.1</b> - Запрещено использовать/хранить/приобретать/распространять стороннее ПО или любые другие средства, позволяющие получить преимущество над другими игроками.\n<b>2.2</b> - Запрещено использование услуг читеров.\n<b>2.3</b> - Запрещено использование багов.\n<b>2.4</b> - Запрещено превышать лимит игроков в команде:\n<b>+</b> Нельзя устраивать альянсы или перемирия с другими игроками если в сумме вас больше, чем указано в ограничениях сервера;\n<b>+</b> Частая смена союзников будет считаться за нарушение правил, тоже самое касается и игру с другим игроком пока тиммейт стоит афк или не находится рядом;\n<b>+</b> Запрещена смена союзников на время, если заменяемый союзник продолжит с вами играть;\n<b>+</b> Разрешено сменить напарника, если ваш предыдущий напарник в дальнейшем не будет с вами контактировать.", "Rules_3": "<b>3. Игровой Чат/Голосовой чат</b>\n\n<b>3.1</b> - Запрещено обсуждение политики, религии, аморальных и прочих неуместных тем.\n<b>3.2</b> - Запрещено разжигание национальной, расовой или религиозной ненависти или оскорбления других игроков и других людей.\n<b>3.3</b> - Запрещены ссылки в чате на сторонние сервисы и сайты.\n<b>3.4</b> - Запрещен флуд(многократное повторение бессмысленных фраз, символов) или многократное отправление одинаковых фраз за короткий промежуток времени.\n<b>3.5</b> - Запрещено продавать или делать вид что вы продаёте читы/макросы.\n<b>3.6</b> - Запрещено предлагать сделать действия, приводящие к нежеланному выходу с сервера. К таким действиям относится например нажатие <b>alt+f4</b>, прописывание <b>disconnect</b> в консоль и прочие подобные действия, о значении которых другие игроки могут не знать.\n<b>3.7</b> - Администрация оставляет за собой право выдать мут или заблокировать игрока в чате если тот ведёт себя неадекватно или некорректно по отношению к другим игрокам.\n<b>3.8</b> - Запрещена продажа/покупка игровых ценностей за реальную валюту, крипту или скины.", "Rules_4": "<b>4. Игровая проверка</b>\n\n<b>4.1</b> - Проверки проходят только через программу <b>Discord</b>. Каждый игрок на нашем проекте, в обязательном порядке должен иметь возможность зайти в нее для прохождения проверки.\n<b>4.2</b> - Вызов на проверку осуществляется только через игровое оповещение и ни в коем случае не через голосовой или текстовый чат.\n<b>4.3</b> - Если игрок покинул сервер, проигнорировал проверку или отказался от неё, то он сразу получает блокировку.\n<b>4.4</b> - Запрещено чистить ПК перед проверкой.\n<b>4.5</b> - За отказ показывать нужную для проверки информацию или неадекватное поведение — вы будете заблокированы.\n<b>4.6</b> - Если по итогу(итогом считается и блокировка за отказ / игнор / выход из сервера и предоставление некорректных данных для связи) проверки игрок блокируется, то и вся его команда блокируется вместе с ним.\n\n<b>+</b> Вы имеете полное право отказаться проходить проверку, но в этом случае Вы и ваши союзники будут заблокированы.\n<b>+</b> Так же отказом от проверки будет считаться выход с сервера, предоставление некорректных контактных данных и игнорирование проверки.\n<b>+</b> Если Вы согласны пройти проверку - то автоматически разрешаете устанавливать сторонние программы нужные администрации для проверки вашего PC(AnyDesk, RCC и т.д).\n\n<b>Возможность разблокировки</b>\nЧерез месяц после блокировки можно подать апелляцию, но, только в случае если бан был получен не за читы или макросы.\nАпелляцию можно подать на нашем сайте.", "Rules_5": "Rules_5", "Rules_6": "Rules_6", "Rules_7": "Rules_7", "Rules_8": "Rules_8", "Rules_9": "Rules_9", "Rules_10": "Rules_10", "Rules_11": "Rules_11", "Rules_12": "Rules_12", "Rules_13": "Rules_13", "Rules_14": "Rules_14", "Rules_15": "Rules_15" } Note: Each number in the Rules_* means number of page. Page will be ignored if it is blank or contains only page name Rules_*. You can also add more than 10, for example Rules_11, and so on. rules enable - Enabling Rules agreements. Permission "rules.admin" required. rules disable - Disabling Rules agreements. Permission "rules.admin" required. rules once - Enabling/disabling one-time agreement request for the Rules. Permission "rules.admin" required. rules reask - Reasking all players for the Rules agreement. Permission "rules.admin" required. RulesEnabled: Called after the rules are enabled or the plugin is loaded with enabled config. RulesDisabled: Called after the rules are disabled or the plugin is unloaded. RulesAccepted: Called after the player has accepted the rules; Returning a non-null value overrides default behavior. RulesDeclined: Called before kicking or banning a player; Returning a non-null value overrides default behavior. void RulesEnabled() { Puts("The rules were enabled!"); } void RulesDisabled() { Puts("The rules were disabled!"); } object RulesAccepted(IPlayer player) { Puts($"Player {player.Name} has accepted the rules!"); return null; } object RulesDeclined(IPlayer player, int declines, int ban_attemps) { Puts($"Player {player.Name} has declined the rules! This is the {declines} declines out of {ban_attemps}!"); return null; }
  2. Version 1.0.3


    Ruster.NET Addons is a service that allows plugin developers to create and server owners to upgrade and change Ruster.NET in almost any way possible. This plugin provides API and hook support that gives you access to interactions users make in Ruster.NET, from creating your own DM bots with custom commands, to use all the modular panels Ruster.NET provides for your own purposes. Read documentation here or get Addons on this tag. Features API Access Open / close users' browser Open modals with custom (required) fields Open color picker Get users or a specific user Check if users are admins, moderators, verified, developer or a bot Create your own users with custom profile pictures and user configurations (for bots) Get friends of users Get friend requests Get posts for a specific feed or user Get marketplace or advert posts Get blocked users Send or handle friend requests for an user Pin/unpin posts Like/dislike posts Get feed information, such as feed title, type, owner Create posts and publish them on feeds or users' profiles Get or create conversations between users Send messages to players Mark message status (read/unread), and much more. Hook Access On coupons added or removed On language change On custom nickname update On wallet withdraw On restock On hashtag filter On post created/removed On post viewed/closed On post with audio played/stopped On DM sent, and much more. Type Examples Feed Post Marketplace Listing Story Coupon Transaction User Gif Flipbook Modal Field Licensed Item Gift Card User Configuration User Notification Conversation Direct Message Emoji Friend Request Hashtag Business Card Bot Bot Command Check the documentation for more in-depth examples and what you can do so far in Ruster.NET and Ruster.NET Addons.


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