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About Animal Shelter

Large buildable PVE/Roleplay-Area.

(Note: You can't build everything. That means you are not able to place walls if there is alrdy a foundation. What you can is placing all kind of deployables and definitly build when theres no foundation).


The basic idea of this is the animal shelter itself (Nice with a pet-plugin or maybe a soon coming extention).

You can spawn wolfs, chicken, bears, whatever in the seperated cells (they will stay there).

There is space for a vet, a farmer and a (car) mechanic or whatever your playerbase can think of.

Two "crimescenes" for RP-Szenarios are also included. Swimming dead bodies and stuff in the underground silo and human meat parts in the boar trough.

You can spraycan some entities. (doors, boxes, ect.)

The area in and around the area has no  prevent building zone.


Prefabcount: around 3000


Requires: uMod/Oxide, RustEdit DLL


Feedback would be appreciated.

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