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Abandoned Aquarium 1.0.3

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About Abandoned Aquarium

"Small" RedCardRoom-Monument

It includes two hidden rooms:
A redcard-room (standard redcardpuzzle)
and a loot room which can be accessed through a vent.

If you know the space you need about 10 - 15 mins to run through the whole monument (excluding time on the recycler).

The size is around 3 supermarkets long and 1 supermarket wide.

It has around 2650 prefabs.

1 blue card spawner
1 recycler
2 static computerstations
3 vending machines (which can be personally filled)
7 picture frames
1 large banner
1 public phone
1 telephone
21 loot containers (tier 1-3) in total - 2 crates with custom loot (only fishes) - the .lprof is added to the file
2 drinkable watersources
7 CCTV cams

Discofloors are not connected to electricity, but can be. I recommend "aqua-" and "ripple-style, "low-" and "slow-speed" if connected to the boombox, which is hidden in a crystalchair. There you can also hide the testgenerator.

Further you can build around the area of the crystalfurniture, which means you can for example place fireworks.

The two rugs in the office are deployed ones and should be able to be reskined with the spraycan. (not guaranteed! - i could reskin boxes, but couldnt do it with the beachtowels for example)

The other area in and around the monument is prevent building zone.

The monument marker (shows the name of the monument on the map) has to be added by yourself. (prefabs - monument marker - name: Abandoned Aquarium)

Requires: uMod/Oxide, RustEdit DLL

Feedback would be appreciated.

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