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AET - Reactive Target Auto Generator 1.0.1

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About AET - Reactive Target Auto Generator

"AET - Reactive Target Auto Generator" lets you place up to 20 reactive targets with random triggered automatic up-/and down-mechanism. Useable for targeting practice courses and similar prefabs.

No need to wire up something. Just drag the reactive targets you want to use and place them wherever you want.

The whole circuit is stored inside the prefab. No timer switches where needed. You can start the circuit by activating the simple switch. 20 small kickstart circuits trigger the random switches.

And no, it´s not possible to integrate counters to this circuit, because the counters would count up every time a target goes down, independently of the target was shot or got down by the mechanism.

I do this stuff for free in my free time. But I try to help if you have troubles or anything went wrong. 

But please note that every IO-related prefab in RustEdit and Rust is subject to change. With every patch and update, things can be broken due to changes in the game system.
Furthermore, not up to date files or false placement in RustEdit let occur issues.

Please double-check if your client and server are up to date, you run the latest versions of Oxide and Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll, and if you did something wrong by placing the prefab before ask me for help order fixing.

Thank you 🙂


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