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About Prepper Shelter V2

A small prepper shelter deep in the woods with a secret underneath.


Updated version of the Prepper Shelter V1 with some fixes, adjustments and modifications.



  • added prefab "Toilet Paper Over" by Nox
  • adjusting ground height
  • fixed floating trees
  • fixed flickering light in bunker toilet
  • deleted additional Lake V2 prefab
  • added some decorative elements
  • deleted C4 crate
  • slightly reduced the density of bushes around the shelter
  • added invisible chair triggers to sofa in shelter
  • deleted useless simplelight prefab in shelter
  • changed ceiling lights in bunker to more atmospheric lights
  • added prefab "Gun Rack" by Uncle Bens
  • deleted bradley crate
  • added Tier 2 crate
  • edited alpha map
  • added ammo crate
  • added note with CCTV ids
  • deleted CCTV id info in bunker
  • added monument topology to some parts around the shelter to generate random loot spawns
  • added "Lantern-With-Holder" prefab by Pravum
  • added fog effect
  • added "Poop Cube"
  • added fire and smoke to broken generator at shelter entry
  • added smoke to broken windmill


Includes alpha, biome, height, splat0, splat1 and topology.

Always check the correct placement of the alpha layer. Sometimes some adjustments are needed after placing a prefab in RustEdit.


Thanks to:

Pravum (Lantern-With-Holder)

Nox (Toilet Paper Over)

Brengun (Pookie Bear Clock, Pookie Bear Bed, Tableclock)

Uncle Bens (Gun Rack)


Also available at: https://rust-custom-designs.biz/


Demo Video



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