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About Fontset: Dot Matrix IO

7-segment dot matrix fontset with electrical inputs and 204 letters, numbers and special characters.

Can be combined with your own circuits.


Prefab count per 7-segment panel: ~60-70

To avoid performance drops because of the light effects, don´t write whole books with the fontset. Tested all letters at once without massive performance drops but always remember not all players have high end machines.

Just drag & drop the fonts you want to use and connect your power source or circuit to the OR-switches, which are attached at the back of each panel.

Each letter is saved as a seperate prefab for easy use.

The panels can NOT be resized.


Some expansions are planned or work in progress.
Upcoming expansions will be part of an update and will be free for previous customers of the fontset.


Planned and/or work in progress:

  • Dot matrix IO fontset in lightblue optics DONE!
  • Dot matrix IO fontset with reinforced glass DONE!
  • additional RAND circuit to simulate flickering lights as plug & play circuit
  • Dot matrix IO fontset as broken variant with flickering and broken lights
  • Moving Textlights


Demo Video:


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