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About VIPGather


This plugin is a delightful addition to your server that allows players to enjoy a temporary boost in their resource gathering rate. It's like having a VIP pass to the best resources in the game!

With VIPGather, players can activate a command to multiply their gather rate by a configurable amount.

Players can activate the VIP gather effect using the /vipgather chat command.


This effect lasts for a set duration, also configurable, making each gathering session a strategic decision. But be careful, once the VIP gathering time is up, players will have to wait for a cooldown period before they can use it again.

The plugin also provides helpful reminders to players about their VIP gather status.


The plugin is highly configurable, allowing server admins to set the VIP gather duration, the cooldown duration, the reminder interval, and the gather rate multiplier.

This means you can tailor the VIPGather experience to fit the balance and pacing of your server.

If they have the necessary permission (vipgather.use), they'll enjoy a boosted gather rate for the configured duration.

If they want to stop the effect early, they can use the /vipgatherstop command.

They'll receive messages when their VIP gather rate is about to expire, when it has expired, and when they can use it again after the cooldown.

So, why not give your players the VIP treatment? With VIPGather, every player can have a taste of the high life, even in the harsh world of Rust.

It's a fun and engaging feature that adds a new layer of strategy to resource gathering. Try VIPGather today and watch your players scramble to become the most efficient gatherers they can be!

Config file:

  "VIPGatherDuration": 240,
  "CooldownDuration": 300,
  "ReminderInterval": 30,
  "GatherRateMultiplier": 5.0


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