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About VIPBarrel


The VIPBarrel plugin is a Rust plugin that enhances the gameplay experience by allowing players to multiply the loot they receive from breaking loot barrels.

When a player activates the VIP barrel gather rate using the "/vipbarrel" command, their loot multiplier is set to a configurable value and every loot item obtained from breaking loot barrels is multiplied by this factor.

The plugin includes cooldown periods and reminder notifications to manage the usage of the VIP barrel gather rate.

Players can stop the VIP barrel gather rate at any time using the "/vipbarrelstop" command.

This plugin adds a new dimension to looting gameplay in Rust by providing players with the opportunity to boost their loot gains from loot barrels.

Config file:

  "VIPGatherDuration": 240,
  "CooldownDuration": 300,
  "ReminderInterval": 30,
  "LootMultiplier": 2.0


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