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Taser 2.0.1

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About Taser

Transforms a Semi-Automatic Pistol into a Taser


How It Works

If a player with permission reloads a Semi-Automatic Pistol with HV Pistol Ammo, that weapon will be reloaded with only 1 shot, by default, it can be changed on the config , and becomes a Taser. If a player gets hit, he will be wounded for an X amount of time defined by the config file (10 seconds by default).



  • taser.use -- Allows players to use the taser (Required)
  • taser.affect -- Allows players to be affected by the taser (Disabled by default)
  • taser.loot -- Allows players to loot a player affected by the taser (Enabled by default)
  • taser.revive -- Allows players to revive a player affected by the taser (Enabled by default)



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