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About PVETurrets

PVETurrets Disables Turrets and GunTraps aiming and/or shooting players when enabled.

This will allow players to place turrets for decoration / targeting NPC's etc

Can be used in conjunction with raidable bases (see bottom)

PVETurrets.admin < Required to use the in game toggle commands


/PVETurret tur << toggles Turret PVE on or off
/PVETurret trap << toggles Gun Trap PVE on or off


These values can be changed in game with the above commands.

The values are either true or false.

  "PVE Turret Active": false,
  "PVE GunTraps Active": false


Raidable bases

If you wish to use this plugin to have the turrets/gun traps on Raidable Bases target players whilst blocking player placed turrets/gun traps from targeting other players.

1. Set both PVETurrets config values to true

2. Open the config for CopyPaste and set the value for EntityOwner to false:

 "EntityOwner (true/false)": false

3. Reload CopyPaste (o.reload CopyPaste)

After reloading CopyPaste the Turrets and Gun Traps in your raidable base will target players but player placed turrets and Gun Traps will not.

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