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About Medic

This plugin brings a completely new wounding system to your server. When players get wounded, they will have to wait for a medic to pick them up, otherwise they will respawn after a predefined time. Medics can see the position of wounded players on the map and get a chat message informing them about newly wounded players. While a player is wounded, they can not be picked up or killed by other players.


  • Highly customizable
  • Wounding system is only active if enough medics are online
  • Wounded players can not be picked up or damaged by other players
  • Medics can see the position of wounded players on the map
  • Time until respawn can be adjusted in the config
  • A custom message to be displayed to wounded players can be set in the config
  • Ideal for roleplay servers


New Features in vesion 1.0.1:

  • A payout can be configured for medics for reviving players and for working a certain time  (To disable payouts, just set the payout amount in the config to 0)
  • Players can no longer hurt active medics (can be disabled in config)
  • Active medics can no longer hurt players (can be disabled in config)
  • Medics now have a configurable cooldown for using weapons after they stop working


New Features in version 1.0.2:

  • ZoneManager is now supported
  • Medic system can be configured to only work in certain zones
  • Medic system can be blocked in certain zones


New Features in version 1.0.3:

  • Added support for ServerRewards and Economics
  • Added the option to disable crawling for wounded players
  • Wounded players can now be revived by everyone with a configurable chance of success
  • Added game tips for medics (can be disabled in config)
  • Moved chat messages to lang file


How it works:

Players with the permission medic.medic can type /medic in the chat, then they are active medics and get notified about wounded players. If the system is active, only medics can pick up players by holding right-click on them with a medical syringe. In the config there is a number that determines how many medics have to be active for the system to work. If not enough medics are active, the default wounding system will be used.

The command /medicinfo informs players about the number of currently active medics and wether the default wounding system is active.




  "Wounded time before death (seconds)": 300.0,
  "Health after player has been revived (0 = start health)": 0.0,
  "Reset metabolism after player has been revived": true,
  "Use default wounding if less than x medics are active": 2,
  "Display message to wounded players": "You are currently wounded and a medic has been informed",
  "Medic symbol (should be rectangular)": "https://i.imgur.com/3CDQncQ.png",
  "Medic symbol position on screen": {
    "x": 0.29,
    "y": 0.03
  "Medic symbol size on screen": {
    "x": 0.07,
    "y": 0.07
  "Map marker color for wounded players (in hex format)": "FF0000",
  "Language Settings": {
    "medic_start_shift": "You are now working as a medic",
    "medic_end_shift": "You are no longer working as a medic",
    "medic_info": "There are currently {0} active medics, the default wounding system is {1}",
    "medic_revived": "{0} has been successfully revived by {1}",
    "player_revived": "You have been revived by {0}",
    "medic_wounded": "{0} is wounded at {1}. Without medical aid, {0} will die in {2} seconds",
    "medic_death": "Any help came too late for {0}. {0} is dead now",
    "medic_payout": "You received {0} x{1} as a payout for your work",
    "medic_revive_payout": "{0} x{1} has been added to your account for reviving {2}. You will receive it at the end of your shift.",
    "medic_no_damage": "You can not hurt an active medic!",
    "medic_no_attack": "You can not hurt other players while you working as a medic",
    "medic_attack_cooldown": "You can not hurt other players because you recently worked as a medic. Remaining cooldown: {0} seconds.",
    "enabled": "enabled",
    "disabled": "disabled",
    "wounded": "wounded"
  "Currency item shortname": "scrap",
  "Currency item skin id": 0,
  "Currency item custom name": "",
  "Minimum coherent work time for work payout (in minutes)": 10.0,
  "Work payout amount per time defined above": 50,
  "Payout for reviving player": 10,
  "Active medics can not be hurt by other players": true,
  "Active medics can not hurt other players": true,
  "Cooldown for attacking players after medic stopped working (minutes)": 5.0,
  "Zone restrictions (0: none, 1: Allow Medic only in specified zones, 2: Don't allow Medic in specified zones)(reqires ZoneManager)": 0,
  "Zone list: (zone ids)": [



medic.medic - Permission for medics
medic.debug - Debug permission (explained below)


Required dependencies:

Marker API: https://codefling.com/plugins/marker-api

Image Library: https://umod.org/plugins/image-library

Zone Manager (optional): https://umod.org/plugins/zone-manager


Developer API

Check whether a player will become wounded or die when damaged

(bool) CanDie(BasePlayer player)

Check if the default wounding or the custom medic system is active

(bool) UseDefaultWounding()



Players with the permission medic.debug have access to the command /recover which allows them to pick themselves up when they are wounded. Useful when testing the plugin.

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