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About Christmas

Get your server ready for Christmas! This plugin includes Chrismas Trees with loot that spawn on the map, custom junk pile decorations, Snowman NPCs, a custom Advent Calendar and much more.



New: Customizable Advent Calendar

With the new update, you can configure a custom reward for every day. To enable custom advent calendar rewards, set the config option "Enable custom advent calendar" to true.



  • Christmas trees with presents
  • Customizable NPC clothing
  • Customizable junk pile decorations
  • Snowman NPCs spawn across the map
  • Custom advent calendar
  • Configurable Snowman NPCs


Christmas Trees:

Christmas trees randomly spawn across the map, they also spawn presents and snowman NPCs around them. They are by default 4x as big as usual christmas trees and have a configurable despawn time.



Snowman NPCs:

Snowmans spawn across the map. As soon as a player approaches them, they turn into an NPC and start shooting the player with a snowball gun. The loot of these NPCs is fully configurable



Junk Pile Decorations:


Every junk pile can be customized with decorations. Out of the box the plugin comes with a default configuration for each junk pile.

To edit the decorations of a junk pile, use the command /jp <type> where type is a letter from a to j each representing a different junk pile. A junk pile will spawn at your current position. To add objects to the junk pile just hit them with a hammer and use /jp save when you are done.


Custom NPC clothing:

Clothing can be configured individually for each NPC. Some NPCs also come with a default configuration. Note that the custom clothing might also impact other NPC plugins. Therefore it is not recommended to configure custom clothing for scientistnpc_heavy (Heavy Scientist).


Required Dependencies:

NPC Spawn: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-18L-mG7yiGxR-PQYvd11VvXC2RQ4ZCu

Entity Scale Manager: https://umod.org/plugins/entity-scale-manager



christmas.edit  - Required to edit junk pile desorations
christmas.spawn - Required to spawn christmas trees



/jp    - Edit junkpile decorations (see Junkpile Decorations for more details)
/ctree - Spawn chistmas tree at the position you are looking at



  "Snowman config": {
    "Enable Snowman NPCs": true,
    "Snowman population": 200,
    "Snowman NPC spawn type (0 = when snowman is damaged, 1 = when player is near snowman (performance intensive))": 1,
    "Minimum distance between player and snowman before NPC spawns": 6.0,
    "Snowman NPC configuration": {
      "Name": "Snowman",
      "Health": 150.0,
      "Enable radio": false,
      "Roam range": 100.0,
      "Chase range": 50.0,
      "Sense range": 50.0,
      "Damage multiplier": 1.0,
      "Memory duration": 60.0,
      "Kit (requires Kits plugin)": "",
      "Clothing items": // Removed because too long
    "Snowman Loot": // Also too long
  "Christmas Tree config": {
    "Spawn christmas trees": true,
    "Christmas tree population": 40,
    "Amount of presents per tree": {
      "Min": 2,
      "Max": 5
    "Tree despawn time (minutes)": 30,
    "Tree size (1 - 10)": 4.0,
    "Minmum distance between trees": 50.0,
    "Spawn Snowman NPCs around trees (Only works if Snowman NPCs are enabled)": true
  "Enable junk pile decorations": true,
  "Advent calendar config": {
    "Enable custom advent calendar": true,
    "Daily rewards": {
      "1": {
        "shortName": "scrap",
        "amount": 100,
        "skinId": 0
      "2": {
        "shortName": "pistol.eoka",
        "amount": 1,
        "skinId": 0
      "3": {
        "shortName": "woodtea.advanced",
        "amount": 1,
        "skinId": 0
      // And so on ...
  "NPC clothing config": {
    "Enable custom NPC clothing": true,
    "Custom NPC Clothing": // Very long


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