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Master of Arms 0.0.9

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About Master of Arms

I was thinking how someone could wake up in the world, pick up a weapon and suddenly be so proficient with it so quickly. So I came up with this mode. Give your players a little challenge with this progression system or host an event where the first player to unlock the rocket launcher gets the bragging rights or a special Perk for the wipe😉 

Added a Master of Arms Champion Trophy for the player that completes the challenge first, anyone else who finishes, gets congratulated for completing the challenge.


Master of Arms 

Is a "Weapon Mastery" style progression system.

Set in config how many kills to "Master" a weapon, once mastered, the next weapon in line is usable.


Unlock Order

  1. Hunting Bow
  2. Crossbow
  3. Compound Bow
  4. Eoka
  5. Nailgun
  6. Revolver
  7. SAP
  8. M92
  9. P17
  10. Python
  11. Double Barrel Shotgun & Waterpipe
  12. Pump Shotgun
  13. Spas 12
  14. Custom SMG
  15. Thompson
  16. MP5
  17. SAR
  18. AK (Abyss and Diver)
  19. LR-300
  20. M39
  21. HMLMG
  22. M249
  23. Bolt Action Rifle
  24. L96
  25. Multiple Grenade Launcher
  26. Flamethrower & Rocket Launcher



  "BlockCrafting": true,
  "KillsForMastery": {
    "bow.hunting": 5,
    "crossbow": 5,
    "shotgun.double": 5,
    "bow.compound": 5,
    "pistol.eoka": 5,
    "pistol.semiauto": 5,
    "pistol.m92": 5,
    "pistol.python": 5,
    "pistol.revolver": 5,
    "pistol.prototype17": 5,
    "shotgun.pump": 5,
    "shotgun.spas12": 5,
    "smg.2": 5,
    "smg.thompson": 5,
    "smg.mp5": 5,
    "rifle.semiauto": 5,
    "rifle.ak": 5,
    "rifle.lr300": 5,
    "rifle.m39": 5,
    "hmlmg": 5,
    "lmg.m249": 5,
    "rifle.bolt": 5,
    "rifle.l96": 5,
    "multiplegrenadelauncher": 5,
    "pistol.nailgun": 5
  "TrackAnimalKills": false



MasterofArms - Use this required to use the progression system.




This command is used to display information about the Master of Arms game mode to players.

It provides an introduction to the game mode and explains how players must master their current weapon to be able to equip the next unlockable weapon.


This command is used to check the player's current weapon proficiency if the UI (user interface) is disabled.

It displays information about the player's current weapon proficiency, the kills required to master the current weapon, and the next unlockable weapon.

If the player has mastered all available weapons, it informs the player that they have achieved Mastery.


Admin Command Via Permission.

Wipes all player data related to weapon progression and unlocks.

/MoAReset "Player"

Admin Command Via Permission.

It allows administrators to wipe weapon progression and unlocks for a specific player.


Toggles a UI under the compass, it displays the current weapon level, Next unlock, and how many kills to unlock that weapon.


Will list all unlocked weapons.

Demo Video




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