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About Magic Junkyard Event Panel

This is an extension of the Magic Panel plugin that shows an icon for the Junkyard Event plugin. The icon's color and position can be set individually in the configuration file.

Please note:
The Magic Junkyard Event Panel only works in conjunction with the "MagicPanel" and "JunkyardEvent" plugins.
Make sure you have installed these plugins before using the Event Panel.
The plugin also automatically checks if any of the required plugins are missing. If this is the case, the "MagicJunkyardEventPanel" plugin will be automatically unloaded.

The settings and options can be configured in the MagicJunkyardEventPanel file under the config directory.
The use of an editor and validator is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors.

  "Active Color": "#00FF00FF",
  "Inactive Color": "#FFFFFF1A",
  "Panel Settings": {
    "Dock": "center",
    "Width": 0.02,
    "Order": 1,
    "BackgroundColor": "#FFF2DF08"
  "Panel Layout": {
    "Image": {
      "Url": "https://www.dropbox.com/s/5zk8doomin2ntgu/JunkYard.png?dl=1",
      "Enabled": true,
      "Color": "#FFFFFFFF",
      "Order": 0,
      "Width": 1.0,
      "Padding": {
        "Left": 0.1,
        "Right": 0.1,
        "Top": 0.05,
        "Bottom": 0.05

Thanks to MJSU for the Magic Panel plugin.
We reworked one of the plugin extensions so that MagicPanel now also supports the JunkyardEvent plugin.

#JunkyardEvent Trailer

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