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About LuckyClick


LuckyClick is an amazing plugin that allows your players to participate in the lottery every day, thereby they will be able to increase their game balance.


  • - Display of the latest winners
  • - Easy to install
  • - Easy to set up
  • - Optimized plugin
  • - The plugin is compatible with: 1) Economy, 2) Bank of System, 3) ServerReward
  • -Tthe ability to change the interface text to suit your language. (Lang file)


Plugin Config

  "Image settings": [
      "Name": "COIN",
      "Path": "LuckyClick/Images/coin.png"
  "A chance to win": 30,
  "Rate multiplication factor": 2.0,
  "Number of attempts per day": {
    "luckyclick.default": 600,
    "luckyclick.vip": 15,
    "luckyclick.elite": 20
  "Minimum bid": 10.0,
  "Maximum bid": 100.0,
  "Use Economics?": false,
  "Use ServerReward?": false,
  "Use BankSystem?": true,
  "Name of the currency to display in the table": "RC",
  "Use effects when winning/losing?": true



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