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Item Creator 0.0.3

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About Item Creator


Create Custom Items on the fly via command, handy for testing and Debug if needing to test items with certain Skins. 

Also can be used for Giveaways, Personalize an item name for Players, and set it up with their favorite Skin.

Requires itemcreator.use Permission

Console Command

giveitem <playerid/name> <shortname> "ItemCustomName" <skinID> <quantity>


/Item itemShortName "custom name" skinID quantity

ex - /item rifle.ak "Wrecks AR" 3023912444 1

Sends the item to your inventory

/giveitem "playername" itemShortName "custom name" skinID quantity

ex - /giveitem "Wrecks" rifle.ak "Wrecks AR" 3023912444 1 

Sends To specific Player


Using /item or /giveitem will send syntax Info.



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