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Drone Taxi (Rust Uber) 1.0.14

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About Drone Taxi (Rust Uber)

Drone Taxi adds another way to travel around the Rust World!

Simply type /taxi to bring up a taxi selection screen. Each taxi has its benefits and different scrap costs to run. Prices are all customisable as well as who can use them!

How To Use It?

Typing /taxi will bring up a taxi UI. Select one of the three drone types available and it will be delivered near you. Once onboard right click on your map where you want to go. Make sure you have enough scrap to get there!

The drone will try to avoid all obstacles and are restricted in where they can pick passengers up as well as a drop. Check the video for a demo

Types Of Drones

There are three types of drones, Drone X, Drone XL, and Drone Lux

Drone X is the cheapest and simplest drone. It seats only one person!

Drone XL seats three people

Drone LUX is for the mega-rich players. This only seats one player but is a way better ride



You require specific permission to be able to use each drone. They are as follows and respect the corresponding drone






There is only one command /taxi this brings up the taxi UI



Each drone can have its price per second, as well as base price, tweaked.

flatFeeX -> amount of scrap to charge for setting a destination for drone X

flatFeeXL -> Same as above but for drone XL

flatFeeLUX -> Same as above but for drone LUX

varableFeeX - > How much scrap to charge per second of flight for drone X

varableFeeXL -> Same as above but for drone XL

varableFeeLUX -> Same as above but for drone LUX

coolDown - > Time in seconds before a new taxi can be called

ignoreBuildingBlocked -> Enable this to ignore building blocked sphere (monuments) This is not recommeneded


Sometimes the chairs will appear invisible. This is purely cosmetic for the player and they tend to reshow after a few seconds.



Need to contact me for issues or private work mrcameron999#0001 on Discord

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