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Drone Strike 1.0.1

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About Drone Strike

Call in drone strikes to bomb your enemies. Drone strikes are picked by selecting two points on the map. Highly customizable and perfect for economy servers, shop servers, vote rewards, donation rewards or an admin abuse tool! Designed to work with many other plugins.


How do I use it!

Drone Strike works on one command. This allows you to use it with any plugin that allows custom commands to be called. Some examples would be a shop plugin that executes a command when it's purchased. Because of how the command is designed you could add multiple drone strikes to the shop that differ in power or range. A vote reward, A donation reward could also be used. It can also be used by anyone with permission.

The command and arguments are as follows.

/addstrike [Steam Name or SteamId] [type] [range] [bombspeed] [heightAboveGround] [droneCount]


[Steam Name or SteamId] -> Steam name or their steam id. They must be connected!

[type] -> The ammo to use for the strike. The ammo and the type to enter are as follow

0 = bean can

1 = f1 grenade

2 = rockets

3 = Incendary rockets (THESE ARE LAGGY!)

4 = rocket hv (These act slow not fast)

5 = satchels

6 = c4 charges

[range] -> Enter the range for the drone strike. If the user tries to make the strike longer than this value it will change the end zone to be the end of the range

[bombspeed] -> How often bombs should be dropped. This value is in seconds and can be decimal points.

[heightAboveGround] -> All drones independently fly and they will try to maintain this value above the ground. Setting this higher will help reduce the number of crashes the drones have

[droneCount] -> The amount of drones to spawn. Setting 2 will spawn 5 drones.


Example command = /addstrike cameron 6 100 2 20 6

To use this command either send it from the server console or have the permission "DroneStrike.use". You can give yourself drone strikes. One drone strike can be added per person until it's used.


To call in the strike select two points on the map. The start and end zone


Drone avoidance and navigation

Drones will try to avoid obstacles the best they can but sometimes this will crash. If they crash they will simply despawn and stop dropping bombs.


Need to contact me for issues or private work mrcameron999#0001 on Discord


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