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RepairProgress 1.0.1

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About RepairProgress

Repair Progress

Dive into a more immersive Rust experience with the Repair Progress plugin. This enhancement introduces real-time item repair capabilities, offering both players and server administrators an enriched gameplay dynamic.

At the heart of this plugin lies a sleek graphical user interface (GUI). As players embark on their repair endeavors, this GUI vividly displays a progress bar, giving real-time insights into the repair duration. The tangible sense of progression not only boosts player engagement but also adds a layer of realism to the Rust universe.


Key Features:

● Dynamic Repair Feedback: With a real-time progress bar, players are no longer left guessing. They can now visually track how long an item will take to be restored fully.

● Tailored Repair Mechanics: Server administrators wield the power to customize. Decide which items are repairable and dictate the time frames for each.

● Seamless Permission Integration: Repair Progress effortlessly synchronizes with the Oxide and uMod permission systems, providing granular control over who can repair specific items.

● Zone-Based Permissions: Administrators can define permissions within specific zones using 'zone perms'. Items associated with these permissions will be repairable within the designated zones.

● Synergy with QuestJournal Plugin: Utilize the {progression} tag within QuestJournal to showcase the repair pace for any configured item.


Operational Overview:

Once the plugin graces a server, players endowed with repair permissions will be greeted by a progress bar as they refurbish items. Administrators have the autonomy to curate the list of repairable items, designate repair durations, and set zone-specific permissions, all through the intuitive plugin configuration file.

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