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RolePlaySalary 1.0.4

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About RolePlaySalary


The RolePlaySalary plugin is designed to enhance the role-playing experience on your Rust server. It allows administrators to set salaries for players based on their permissions and playtime. With seamless integration with the Economics and Notify plugins.

Key Features:

● Compatible CARBON

● Permission-based Salaries: Set different salaries for different permissions, allowing for in-game hierarchy and progression.

● Economics Integration: Directly deposit the salary into the player's bank account if you're using the Economics plugin.

● Notifications: Use the Notify plugin to inform players about their upcoming salary or any other salary-related message.

● Double Salaries: Option to double a player's salary with a special permission.

● ServerRewards : Direcly deposit the salary into the player account using ServerRewards plugin.

● Detailed Logs: Admins can track the salaries given to each player with detailed logs.

Commands : 

● /salary : Players can check their current salary and the time remaining until their next payout.

● /giveallsalary send all salary at all player and reset all timer. (Need permission 'roleplaysalary.admin"

Installation and Configuration: Installation is straightforward. Download the plugin, place it in your Oxide/plugins folder, and restart your server. The configuration file will be auto-generated, where you can set the salary details, permissions, and more.

Config File


  "NotifyMessageType": 0,
  "PermissionSalaries": {
    "roleplaysalary.salary1": {
      "Amount": 2500,
      "DisplayName": "Billet",
      "ItemShortname": "researchpaper",
      "SkinID": "3021805080"
    "roleplaysalary.salary2": {
      "Amount": 2500,
      "DisplayName": "Billet",
      "ItemShortname": "researchpaper",
      "SkinID": "3021805080"
  "SalaryInterval": 1800.0,
  "UseEconomics": false,
  "UseNotify": true,
  "UseServerRewards": false

Lang File : EN 


  "NextSalaryNotification": "Next salary in <color=#DAA436>{0}</Color> m and <color=#DAA436>{1}</Color> s.",
  "PermissionDenied": "You don't have permission to receive a salary.",
  "PlayerDataNotFound": "Error: Your player data cannot be found.",
  "SalaryReceivedBank": "You have received your salary in your bank account.",
  "SalaryReceivedItem": "You have received {0} {1}.",
  "NoSalaryInfo": "No salary info found for player {0} ({1}).",
  "SalaryInfo": "Your salary is {0} {1}. Next salary in {2}m and {3}s.",
  "ServerRewardsReceived": "You have received {0} ServerRewards points as your salary.",
  "ServerRewardsError": "There was an error giving you ServerRewards points."

Lang File : FR


  "NextSalaryNotification": "Prochain salaire dans <color=#DAA436>{0}</Color> m et <color=#DAA436>{1}</Color> s.",
  "PermissionDenied": "Vous n'avez pas la permission de recevoir un salaire.",
  "PlayerDataNotFound": "Erreur : vos données de joueur ne peuvent pas être trouvées.",
  "SalaryReceivedBank": "Vous avez reçu votre salaire de {0} dans votre compte en banque.",
  "SalaryReceivedItem": "Vous avez reçu {0} {1} comme salaire.",
  "NoSalaryInfo": "Aucune information de salaire trouvée pour le joueur {0} ({1}).",
  "SalaryInfo": "Votre salaire est de {0} {1}.\nProchain salaire dans {2}m et {3}s.",
  "ServerRewardsReceived": "Vous avez reçu {0} points ServerRewards en tant que salaire.",
  "ServerRewardsError": "Une erreur s'est produite lors de l'attribution des points ServerRewards."

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, feel free to reach out me

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