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Custom Car Garage 1.0.3

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About Custom Car Garage




Custom Car Garage offers a customizable solution to vehicle based services for your players. This plugin offers three types of services; repair, refuel and full service of modular vehicles. Repair restores the vehicles health, refuelling fills the vehicles tank to its maximum and finally full service offers both repair and refuel. These services have multiple economic configurations, and can be set to Free, paid by Item or Paid by Wulf's Economics. These garages can be customized in a range of ways, see config and data json setup below:

NOTE * To make a service free, set its Item Price or Economics Price to 0 or 0.0 depending on your configuration * NOTE

WARNING * Modular Vehicles contain various configurations, if you experience any issues, please contact me. Please Purchase with the knowledge that you may experience bugs, in these cases I will do my utmost to patch and Update * WARNING


<I/O> Getting Started <I/O>


- Place .cs in plugins folder

- Watch Video Below For Usage



/setgarage name radius - Creates a new garage, which can then be modified from the json.

/ccgres  - Switches player resolution mode between  1920x1080 mode and 2560x1080 mode


  "General Settings": {
    "Command Key": 108354963, // Randomly Generated security key for UI commands
    "Is Enabled": true, // if false, plugin does not run
   "Garage Settings": {
    "UI Position": "topleft", // sets global ui pos, avail: topleft, topmiddle, topright
    "Dome Layers": 5, //darkness of garage layers
    "Fuel On Refuel": 100, //amount of fuel given on refuel
    "Fuel On Full Service": 500 //amount of fuel given on full service
 "Chat Settings": {
    "Messages Enabled": true, //if true, plugin can announce
    "Chat Tag Enabled": true, //if true, chat messages will have CCG prefix
    "Chat Tag Color": "4A95CC", //tag color
    "Chat Message Color": "C57039", //message color
    "Notification Time": 2.5 //notification time
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 0

Garage Data:

"mainroad": {
    "Name": "mainroad", // unique name
    "Position": { // stored pos, dont mess with
      "x": 1034.15991,
      "y": 12.4214535,
      "z": 858.140869
    "Radius": 20.0, // configurable radius
    "ShowZone": false, // if true, shows physical dome
    "Economics System": {
      "Repair with item": true, // if true, uses item to purchase services. If item price 0, is free
      "Refuel with item": true,
      "Service With Item": true,
      "Repair Cost Name": "Paper", // Name displayed in the UI
      "Refuel Cost Name": "Sulfur",
      "Full Service Cost Name": "Wood",
      "Economics": {
        "Repair Economics Amount": 800.0, // cost of balance taken from Wulfs Economics if installed, else default to items
        "Refuel Economics Amount": 1000.0,
        "Full Service Economics Amount": 1
      "Items": {
        "Repair Item To Charge": "paper", // item to charge for service. if invalid name or id, will return err
        "Repair Item Amount": 300, // amount charged for the service
        "Refuel Item To Charge": "sulfur",
        "Refuel Item Amount": 350,
        "Full Service Item To Charge": "wood",
        "Full Service Item Amount": 600

Once you are done configuring your json, reload the plugin to reload the garages. Please, if you are unsure or uncertain about a feature, contact before purchase. 

To Remove Garages:

- Delete From Json and reload plugin


Note For Developers:

API to be added to intercept and report success of services,

API to intercept and modify economics draws to make compatible with non-native economics types

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