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Balance the Betting 1.0.1


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About Balance the Betting





Balance the betting allows server admins to set the compatible item type of wheel terminals within a radius, and configure all slot machine item types as a group. The plugin is designed to give more options to an otherwise bland gambling system, for example allowing various configurations of high-roller and budget oriented big wheel gambling machines in custom casinos. We are currently exploring more options and features for this plugin, including slot spin speed to create fun, unique and immersive content.




<I/O> Getting Started <I/O>


          -  User is required to be admin in order to configure gambling machines.

Installation: Stop Server
          -  Existing Users: Delete oxide\data\balancethebetting, install file in plugins folder
          -  New Users: install in oxide\plugins



Setting Terminals:
/wheel itemname/id - Sets all big wheel terminals within a radius of the player (rouchly 8x8ft) to the given item definition, if valid.


Setting Slots:

/slot save itemname/id optionalPrefix - Sets and Saves all slot machines with the given item, if valid, setting the reward key in reward chat messages to the optional prefix. Where a prefix is not given, the default from config will be used.


Config Explained:

  "General Settings": {
    "Is Enabled": true, - when false, plugin will do nothing
    "Load On Wipe": true, - Enable on custom maps, reloads slot gambling machines to configured settings
    "Default Reward Name": "items" - default key applied to rewards from slot machine where optional arg isnt set
  "Chat Settings": {
    "Announce Plugin Loaded In Game": true, - when true, allow the plugin to announce when loaded
    "Chat Prefix Enabled": true, - Enable Balance the Betting tag/prefix in chat notifications
    "Chat Prefix Color": "4A95CC", - Set the announce/message chat/prefix color
    "Chat Message Color": "C57039" - Set the color of messages from Balance the Betting 
  "Version": { - Changing this from the version of the plugin will cause configs to generate to the default.
    "Major": 1, - When updating, ensure your config settings are backed up
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 1


<I/O> Contacting Us <I/O>

You can Contact us at Our discord: discord.gg/TTb3f3XEhq


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