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CRadio 1.0.6


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About CRadio

A radio system to talk with the players on the same frequency.

IMPORTANT NOTE : If you active option [» Work only radio item in inventory ?].  See ITEM MANAGER (bottom of description)


- Choose a radio frequency between 1 and 9999
- Transmit your voice
- Receive the voice of others, even if you are on the other side of the map.
- A very beautiful UI
- Force roleplay (option). The player must have a custom item (radio) in his inventory for the radio to work. 
He must also have the item in his hands and maintain the primary attack in order to activate the microphone.


BIND (Only needed if [» Work only radio item in inventory ?] option is false)

When you speak with the V key your voice will be transmitted if the radio microphone is ON. 
To switch between the use modes and ask your players to use the bind mode, use the ideal bind location "B"


bind b radio_statement



For change the radio frequency or disable radio


PERMISSIONS (Only needed if [» Work only radio item in inventory ?] option is false)




  "1. CONFIG": {
    "» Chat Command": "radio",
    "» Chat Prefix message": "RADIO",
    "» Chat prefix size": 18,
    "» Chat prefix color": "#ce422b",
    "» Work only radio item in inventory ?": false
  "2. VERSION": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 1



To give you the item you can use the CNewItemManager (the default configuration of the radio in this plugin doesn't have the same basic item, you have to change it).

Your custom items parameters :

shortname: rf.detonator
skinID: 2067425750



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