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BigBarrel 1.1.3

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About BigBarrel

The plugin is no longer sold or supported

This plugin adds a Big Barrel to the server, which fills with rewards for breaking barrels all over the server.


The barrel is attached to the city of the NPC or the administrator himself assigns a point for the Big Barrel. When players break the barrels, the Big Barrel fills with rewards and grows in size. As soon as it is 100% full, the countdown begins until these rewards are thrown around the Big Barrel.


  • Number of barrels to break before filling
  • How many barrels do you need to break to add a reward to the Big Barrel
  • How many barrels need to be broken to notify the chat about the fullness of the Big Barrel in%
  • Configurable spawn point of the Big Barrel (by default it is tied to the NPC city)
  • Creating a prefab for the Big Barrel
  • Configuring which barrels on the map will count towards the Big Barrel.
  • Setting up rewards and supporting custom
  • 3D text near the barrel with all information


  • /bb pos - Set the spawn point for the Big Barrel (only for admin)
  • /bb test - Artificially fills the Big Barrel with rewards to 100% (only for admin




  "General settings": {
    "How many barrels do players need to break to start emptying the barrels": 100,
    "Every how many barrels a reward is added": 10,
    "How many seconds will items start pouring from the Big Barrel": 30,
    "BigBarrel spawn point (0, 0, 0 - the spawn will be tied to the NPC city)": {
      "x": 0.0,
      "y": 0.0,
      "z": 0.0
    "Every N broken barrels notify about fullness of Big Barrel (0 - off)": 10,
    "What is the radius from the barrel to draw 3D text with information": 15.0,
    "Which barrel is taken as the basis for BigBarrel": "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/loot_barrel_1.prefab",
    "What barrels count towards BigBarrel": [
  "Rewards setting": [
      "Item shortname": "sulfur",
      "Item amount": 500,
      "Item skinID": 0,
      "Item name (if custom)": ""
      "Item shortname": "stones",
      "Item amount": 1000,
      "Item skinID": 0,
      "Item name (if custom)": ""
      "Item shortname": "rifle.ak",
      "Item amount": 1,
      "Item skinID": 0,
      "Item name (if custom)": ""
      "Item shortname": "glue",
      "Item amount": 10,
      "Item skinID": 2409891781,
      "Item name (if custom)": "$"
      "Item shortname": "techparts",
      "Item amount": 10,
      "Item skinID": 0,
      "Item name (if custom)": ""
      "Item shortname": "weapon.mod.8x.scope",
      "Item amount": 1,
      "Item skinID": 0,
      "Item name (if custom)": ""
  "Marker settings": {
    "Include marker": false,
    "Marker radius": 0.5,
    "Marker transparency": 0.4,
    "Marker color": "#10c916",
    "Marker name": "Big Barrel"
  "Config version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 1,
    "Patch": 0


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