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About Airdrop Event Settings

This plugins allows you to fine tune the settings about the Airdrop event such as frequency, speed, cargo drop mass and speed.

To control the frequency, you can define a max and min duration between each airdrop event.
If you don't want any randomization, just set the max and min with the same value.

  "AdditionalEvents": {
    "Enabled": false,
    "Min": 300.0,
    "Max": 600.0

The following config controls the "delay" between the start of the airdrop event (either it is server wide or called in by an user) and the drop of the cargo at the spot. In a nutshell it will make your planes fly must faster aka airspeed.

  "Airplane": {
    "Speed": {
      "Enabled": false,
      "Min": 70.0,
      "Max": 80.0

You can change the duration of the supply signal smoke.

  "Signal": {
    "Duration": 110.0

Finally you can also adjust the time it takes for the dropped cargo to reach the ground by changing it's mass and drag values.

  "Cargo": {
    "Mass": {
      "Enabled": false,
      "Min": 20.0,
      "Max": 20.0
    "Drag": {
      "Enabled": false,
      "Min": 2.5,
      "Max": 3.5

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