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Crafting manager and instant crafting 1.3.4

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About Crafting manager and instant crafting


🎉 We are proud to announce the release of Crafting Manager superseding "Instant Crafting".

Crafting Manager main features:

  • Instant crafting (craftingmanager.instant.allow)
  • Define a global scaling per workbench tier to be applied to all users by default
  • Create as many "custom" profiles you need, each one will have a permission to control who gets access to the custom scaling
  • Item blacklist allows you to block items from being crafted.
  • Players get a message when the item is uncraftable.
  • PermanentWorkbenchLevel permanently assigns workbench level to your players.

Example of a custom profile, the values are in percentage of the original crafting duration.
If you want to craft a Cupboard (30s original) and set tier0 to 0.5 (50%)  then the Cupboard will take 15s to craft.

"vip1": {
  "0": 0.25,
  "1": 0.5,
  "2": 0.75,
  "3": 1.0

To assign the vip1 profile to a user type "o.grant user my_player craftingmanager.profile.example1", to assign it to a group type "o.grant group my_group craftingmanager.profile.example1".

If you'd like to assign instant crafting it to all your players just grant the permission to the default group by typing "o.grant group default craftingmanager.instant.allow".

Full configuration example:

  "CraftingScale": {
    "Global": {
      "0": 1.0,
      "1": 1.0,
      "2": 1.0,
      "3": 1.0
    "Profiles": {
      "example1": {
        "0": 0.25,
        "1": 0.5,
        "2": 0.75,
        "3": 1.0
      "example2": {
        "0": 0.0,
        "1": 0.25,
        "2": 0.5,
        "3": 0.75
  "Miscellaneous": {
    "InstantCrafting": 1.0,
    "PermanentWorkbenchLevel": 0
  "BlacklistedItems": [


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