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About Helicopter Manager

This plugins allows your players to spawn helicopters on demand.
Everything is configured in custom profiles, each profile has a name, the type of the helicopter and the settings.

Please report any bugs either by sending a private message here or on Discord.
I'm also open to new ideas and improvement requests.
I'm online on the Codefling Discord channel.

What's new ?

  • Better boundary validation before spawning a vehicle
  • Cool down period is displayed in day min and seconds
  • Entity limit per profile
  • Automatically fetch an entity when the limit is set to 1 (one)
  • Spawn distance to helicopter based on type
  • Spawned entities are now persistent at server restart

Supported helicopters:

  • MiniHelicopter
  • AttackHelicopter
  • TransportHelicopter

Supported features (you can enable/disable them per profile):

  • Auto hovering with PID controller stabilization (same shit used by real drones)
  • Automatic mount the owner when the helicopter is spawned
  • Instant takeoff will remove the engine ramping time
  • Lock the spawned helicopter's pilot seat to the person who spawned it
  • Remove all outside/inside decay
  • Remove fuel consumption
  • Spawn fuel amount

Let's take the example of the following profile:

  "Name": "attack",
  "Type": "AttackHelicopter",
  "CooldownInSeconds": 3600,
  "Distance": {
    "Fetch": {
      "Min": 50,
      "Max": 0
    "Remove": {
      "Min": 0,
      "Max": 50
  "Settings": {
    "AutoHover": {
      "Enabled": false,
      "MinSpeed": 3
    "AutoMountPlayer": false,
    "InstantTakeoff": false,
    "LockToOwner": false,
    "NoDecay": false,
    "NoFuelConsumption": false,
    "SpawnFuelAmount": 100

The plugin will automatically create for you the following commands:

  • /myattack to spawn a minicopter
  • /fattack to fetch a spawned minicopter
  • /noattack to despawn a spawned minicopter

The plugin will also automatically create for each command a permission, this allows fine grain control over who can execute which command.

  • helimanager.attack.spawn
  • helimanager.attack.fetch
  • helimanager.attack.remove
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