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About Terminal


Cobalt's Terminal was built to estabilish strong connections and fast cargo transports between Cobalt's facilites, however the Terminal has been abandoned long ago and left to rust due to an internal terrorist attack organized by Zoe Wangen (now the CEO of ZWangen research facilities) who was planning to destroy her rival Cobalt Industries Co.

The Terminal has been looted by scavengers.

Legends say that some satanist groups can be seen once in a while performing human sacrifices and leaving values behind them.


Prefab Count: 2005 (Very Good!)
Loots: 13 Normal Crates | 3 Elite Crates | 8 Barrels + spawned
Required Keycards: Green
🚫 | Blue ☑️ | Red ☑️
Approachable by: Foot ☑️ | Helicopter & Air Balloon ☑️ | Car ☑️ | Train ☑️ | Metro ☑️


Tested ☑️
Optimized ☑️
Detailed ☑️
(more details in the future)
NPCs by Default 🚫
(can be placed)


1. Drag & Drop and position it!


2. Replace the white cube

3. Convert to group (if prefab has been modified and to prevent theft)

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