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A medium sized greenhouse that can fit anywhere on your map. Its appearance will fit into any harsh and not very biome. Perfectly fits into style of rust game. Despite the good elaboration and all sorts of small details, the greenhouse is very optimized.

Getting inside this greenhouse won't be so easy, the player will need to solve a puzzle, but it is not difficult. The player will need some fuel, fuse and wait about a minute, then the door will open. There are many electrical pieces inside, the greenhouse itself illuminates and irrigates the plantations, as well as heats the entire room with electric heaters. All the player needs to revive the greenhouse is to power a small fuel generator (consumption is very low).

This is the middle part of the entire greenhouse, the largest part of the underground. Under the upper part of the greenhouse there is a small basement with a homemade sauna, a swimming pool, and a generator that provides electricity to the entire greenhouse.
Behind the crates in the basement is a slightly hidden passage to a huge shaft leading to a frozen cave where the player can build a house, the largest part of this greenhouse.


What are the dimensions of the place that can be built up?
 - Don't worry, you can very easily adjust the available building space by moving the icebergs.

Is it possible to make so only the one who built the cave could open the entrance to the plantations?
 - Yes, there are 2 versions of the greenhouse:
    1  - Everyone can open through the puzzle.
    2 - Triangular space for 1 cupboard. Other players will need to break it first in order to use the puzzle and get inside.

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