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Oasis Custom Map 1.4

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About Oasis Custom Map

Oasis is a new concept of custom map for rust.
Everything is surrounded by desert and in the middle is a huge green oasis. In the Oasis, you can find many custom places to build. Two cities are made in such a way as to allow you to build inside some houses. You can completely build up the first floor, and the second floor has several varieties of interior for your comfort.
You may notice flying islands with the possibility to build. Can also build in custom small canyon caves screenshots of some of them you can see.
In the middle of the oasis is a large oilrig, which is completely restyled.
Also some custom monuments inside and outside the oasis. 
We are happy to finally show this map, we hope you enjoy exploring it.

Map size: 4096


Custom Monuments:
- Forest Wooden Towers
- Hobbit houses
- Tram City A
- Tram City B
- Desert Town
- Tiny Desert Town with restyled fp supermarket A
- Restyled FP Supermarket B
- Restyled FP Gas Station
- Restyled FP Bandit Town
- Restyled FP OilRig
- Tram Depo A
- Tram Depo B
- Warehouse C
- Intricate Сustom Сave (from the same rocks as the map)
- Simple quarry with hidden building place
- Waterfall A
- Waterfall B and cave with a lake (players can build)
- Railway RadTown (not for workcarts)

Facepunch Monuments:
- Airfield
- Bandit Town
- Cave Large Hard
- Cave Large Sewers Hard
- Cave Medium Hard
- Cave Medium Medium
- Cave Small Easy
- Cave Small Hard
- Cave Small Medium
- Compound
- Desert Military Bases
- Excavator
- Fishing Village A/B/C
- Gas Station
- Harbor
- HQM Quarry
- Launch Site
- Lighthouse
- Military Tunnel
- Oilrig 1
- Oilrig 2
- Powerplant
- Sewer Branch
- Satellite Dish
- Sphere Tank
- Stables A/B
- Sulfur Quarry
- Supermarket
- Swamp
- Trainyard
- Warehouse
- Junkyard
- Water Well A/B/C/E


If you have any questions about the map, need help or find a bug, please let us know!
Our discord https://discord.com/invite/GGgx822

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