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Hey! We are happy to announce the release of our new map – Cacatua!

On a medium-sized map, we tried to place as much content as possible, both custom and standard, as compactly and neatly as possible (most of the facepunch monuments). There are no problems with performance or finding free space for build.

Throughout the island, there are many roads and paths that make it easier to farm and player movement. The monuments are evenly distributed throughout the island and correspond to the normal progress of the player, a lot of new custom monuments add variety to the familiar game.

Despite the large number of standard and custom monuments, performance on the map was a priority.
Several dozen players have already managed to explore the map with us and we have fixed all the identified shortcomings, so we hope that you will get a great experience!

Map Size: 3500
Prefabs: 25000

Custom Monuments:

– Large Town
– Metallurgical Plant
– Large Swamp
– Bandit Excavator
– Large Cave
– Dish Outpost
– MLRS Convoy
– Hard Cave
– Small Water Treatment
– Hobbit House
– Abandoned Supermarket
– GreenHouse
– Warehouse
– Watch Tower
– Forest house


Facepunch Monuments:

– Arctic Research Base
– Launch Site
– Military Tunnel
– Trainyard
– Airfield
– Oilrig 1
– Oilrig 2
– Sphere Tank
– Bandit Town
– Underwater Labs
– Sewer Branch
– Harbor
– Satellite Dish
– Junkyard
– Lighthouse
– Gas Station
– Supermarket
– Warehouse
– Stables
– Fishing Village
– Mining Quarry
– Swamp B
– Water Wells


If you have any questions about the map, need help or find a bug, please let us know!
Our discord https://discord.com/invite/GGgx822
Or write us directly (discord) UNICORN#1337 TEST#0006

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