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About Sailing Yacht [Rust+]

Hey! Treat yourself to this moment of freedom ❤️
Dive off the mast, enjoy the coolness of the ocean. Let your players totally own the ocean or just vibe there.

BTW theres a submarine spot in the cave under the yacht & Rust+ switches to control all doors and hatches

What technically is this yacht?

  • Well.. It's like an high-detailed above-water monument, the yacht itself is basically a player base with crates, unbreakable doors & electricy, but hold up, players can place any deployable, yep, traps too
  • The yacht got 2 rooms, 2 showers + separate entry for captain closet with shower upfront yacht
  • The yacht could've had 3 rooms, but nope, there's this DIY cave descent instead. You gotta build your base there, take over the whole yacht and the building zone around it
  • All the yacht doors are either controeld from inside with buttons (just a quick exit or entrance in 3s), but you can also use Rust+ (can only be used for players whose build zone is privilege rn)
  • Yacht lighting, inside and out, totally free, just hit the right switch
  • Around here be 3 underwater crates, and players can untie them to loot, like in underwater barges
  • ~1500 prefabs


This yacht took a lot of time and effort to make, all out of love! I hope you like it, enjoy!

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