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About Alcatraz by Niko [HDRP]

Alcatraz is a scaled representation of the Island of Alcatraz incorporating all the 

It features a one way in and one way out (if you want all the loot) prison.
It can be completed by a single player but will need planning, advisable to be done by 
two players, one inside one out. The Island is large enough for players to build their 
if they wish however it is patrolled by Bradley and many scientists. The prison is 
guarded by Bandit Guards for the general population and scientists in the secure wing. 
The general population is an assortment of Murders and the Legendary prison Ghost is 
present (Scarecrow).

The escape route is based on the infamous escape in 1962 were 3 prisoners escaped through service shafts, the roof and finally 
via boat. The civil war tunnels run under the island along with sewers and secret rooms and 
chambers. Because it is so vast the green / blue / red card puzzles are mostly separate so 
the island can be explored without having to complete everything. The roof is protected 
by guards and SAM sites so no bypassing the main prison.

For the map makers of you this monument can be used in several ways. If you want it to be 
none spawnable then change topography around the beach, its the only spawnable area. You can
also place a prevent building bubble around it if you wish players to not build. 

Due to a suspected bug in Rust Edit the scientists and there intended function eg murders / 
bandits etc may not remain as designed and in testing the Bradley APC path gets deleted. 

CCTV is in effect, ALCATRAZ1 through to 10

Please be aware this is an old video now and the actual prison has a slightly different design

If you have any problems you can contact me as follows
[email protected]

Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use.


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