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Colony 123 090624fM

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About Colony

Colony is a Map on and Alien World with unique mechanics and play techniques

Survival does not get much harder than this. Oxygen required outside, Unique settler buildings and Habitat Domes, Aliens to discover, Unique Monuments. A World under constant bombardment from Meteors either destroying your base or supplying much needed ore.

There are no standard monuments on this map, it has been designed to be as unique as possible within the constraints of Rust, to this effect there are a number of unique plugins that are required to play this map and additional server configs - All instructions are provided within the ReadMe file and are all included.


  • CENTRAL COLONY BASE -  many rooms to explore, safe zones, air transport, rail transport, ground transport, bandit and outpost in one. You can even live within your own base in the Colony
  • LASER MINES - Replacement for Quarries, Lasers blast the ground producing ore to collect
  • DOMES - Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon & Gamma. The only source of wood and limited water supplies
  • UFO - Crashed and damaged, enter, explore, escape
  • NUCLEAR WASTE & REPROCESSING - Irradiated but what broke through the floor
  • TRANSPORT HUB - The place to pick up a cool ride
  • OBSERVATION POST - Simple monument
  • SPACE TELESCOPE - Take a look into deep space
  • UNDERGROUND ACCESS - Allows access to the train tunnels
  • LANDER - Where the first explorers landed
  • ROCKET - Crashed, exposing a satellite, guarded
  • M577 APC - Giant rover, guarded
  • Mt SHART VOLCANO - It can get hot but a great place for ore
  • SATELLITE GRAVYARD - Old wrecks and guarded 
  • ATOM SMASHER - Underground collider
  • ALIEN TOMB - Find who lived here before you
  • ALIEN CUBE - They have come back, high in the sky, only one way in - Teleport
  • AGRIFARM - Large dome for growing the Colonists food


  • PLAYER BUILT BASES - Build inside Tugs encased in an outer shell, build in smaller domes, build your own limited to 6 foundations and 2 levels, perfectly balanced
  • SOLAR POWER PLANTS - If they are close enough then you can tap into the free power
  • METEOR BOMBARDMENT - These rain down constantly, leaving behind ore to collect, just pray they don't hit your base - They arrive every few minuets
  • SPACEDROPS - Rapid decent from Space. Marked with trails - Every 1-2 hours
  • OXYGEN SYSTEM - All white buildings will have Oxygen, very specific to the shape and size. Outside you will need Oxygen tanks and Spacesuits
  • FORCE FIELDS - Certain areas are separated by force fields allows the smooth transition to oxygenated areas and those without



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