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About Medieval Roleplay

-.The map is based on Tamriel, which I think is perfect for
   than those who like medieval surroundings, so this map
   Whether you like it, it does not contain anything from the rust maps, however
   Several monuments have been created to replace them, for example
   The petros in this case are pirate ships, there are dungeons and many
   ruins to loot and along the way there is also custom junkpile

-.This map is not intended to be played normally in Rust but
   It is designed for Roleplay.

  Prefab: 45k

  Size: 4500

Custom Monuments
-.13 ruins.
-.1 player spawn point.
-.2 ports.
-.3 dungeons.
-.1 roleplay castle (royal castle).
-.1 coliseum.
-.2 castles to live/rebuild.
-.1 volcano (if you fall into the volcano instant death).
-.2 zones to create cities (crate city, lake city).
-.2 pirate ships (1 is a prison for the admins).
-.1 teleport tower (ancient tower).
-.1 wizard's tower with vendorsg.
-.3 caravans of points of sale

Additional Information
  -.For the dungeons to work well, it is recommended to use the plugin
    portal that is free or if you already have it, the custom portal.

  -.There are plugins that can make the map entertaining.
          Ex: so that the charges or other events that are not medieval do not arise.
               The plugin (Automated Events) works very well.


For any questions or requests, please contact us through Discord or the platform itself.
discord: zeroabsoluto_273

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