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Lewora Island | Custom Map By Shemov 1.7

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About Lewora Island | Custom Map By Shemov


"Lewora Island" is a custom map for the game Rust that offers players an immersive and captivating gaming experience. Designed to attract potential new players and increase player retention.

Featuring a diverse and unique landscape, "Lewora Island" presents a stunning environment for players to explore. From dense forests to vast open fields, players will find themselves immersed in a visually striking world. The carefully crafted terrain offers a balanced mix of challenging terrains, ensuring players are constantly engaged and never bored.

One of the standout features of "Lewora Island" is the abundance of intriguing monuments scattered throughout the map. These monuments not only provide players with exciting challenges and opportunities for exploration, but they also serve as key strategic locations for players to conquer and control. Each monument has been meticulously designed to offer a distinctive gameplay experience, encouraging players to adapt their tactics and strategies accordingly.

Elevate your Rust server to new heights with "Lewora Island" and provide players with an unforgettable gaming experience filled with adventure, exploration, and strategic gameplay.


  • Map size is 4000;
  • Prefabs count : ~40k;
  • Surface railways;
  • Underground Rail tunnels;
  • A lot custom monuments and places on the map;
  • A lot custom places to build a base on map ( "X" on minimap );
  • Custom icebergs to build a base inside them;
  • Underwater Labs;
  • Ziplines.

Custom monuments:

  • Factory;
  • Town;
  • Abandoned Station;
  • Floating Settlement;
  • Warehouse Settlement;
  • Settlement 1;
  • Warehouse Settlement;
  • Settlement 2;
  • Water Reservoir;
  • Settlement 3;
  • Settlement 4;
  • A lots custom places to build a base. ( "X" on map ).


  • Outpost;
  • Bandit camp;
  • Launch Site;
  • The Dome;
  • Airfield;
  • Arctic Research Base;
  • Desert Military Base;
  • Ranch;
  • Ferry Terminal;
  • Oxum`s Gas station;
  • Large fishing village 
  • Fishing villages;
  • Lighthouses;
  • Satellite Dish;
  • Junkyard;
  • Nuclear Missile Silo;
  • Water Treatment Plant;
  • Sewer Branch;
  • Train Yard;
  • Giant Excavator Pit;
  • Underwater labs;
  • Underground railway;
  • Harbor 1;
  • Harbor 2;
  • Quarries(HQM,Stone, Sulfur);
  • Large oilrig;
  • Oilrig.

My Discord: shemov#6310

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