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Great Lake by Niko [HDRP] HD0522

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About Great Lake by Niko [HDRP]

You will find the Great Lake the central feature of this 4k map with a dual Oil Rig in the centre, a Sailing Ship
and a 3 tiered Dam System. Loot and adventure is found above and below the waves. On the west of the map are the 
traditional monuments while the east is home to some unique custom creations.

***NOTE*** Great Lake has proved to be extremely difficult in updating to HDRP due to the high mountainous terrain involved, 
you will find bugs unfortunately as its the nature of the beast. Please if you do report them to me via my discord and i will 
correct them usually within 24 hours 48 at the most.


You will find many new custom monuments based upon the premise that Rustkind has survived in these domed cities

THE MATRIX, a 3D elevator maze
CATHEDRAL, Home to a religious artefact
HMS RACE HORSE, Sailing ship owned by Bandit Guards
CABLE CAR, Its broken like a lot in rust but climb the towers or walk the cables for loot
THE BAYOU, still haunted now Halloween is over
THE LARGE COBALT COLLIDER, A particle accelerator with a giant ring underground, just like the real thing
ARECIBIO OBSERVATORY, Radio telescope under repair by the Bandit Guards repair company, dont just stay in the dish
FRENCH QUARTER, a section of New Orleans, plenty to explore and 3 hidden buttons for Mardi Gras
3 TIER DAM, don't for get there are adventures under the waves

Plus some old favourite's from previous maps

Along with a number of smaller additions

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