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About Clockworks Mini Custom Map



In 1903, an exploratory vessel found a small uncharted island to the far north. After returning to port, the crew begins to tell the tales of a strange island at the edge of the sea. Where seasons change in a few steps and men turn to beasts that watch from old ruins. They told stories to whoever would listen, of great ships in the sky but no one to fly them, mighty forts but no one to hold them. A cursed isle where the dead are bound to be the watchers of its shores.

Many would come to claim the island after hearing the rumours of its riches, but all would be driven away by the many nameless men that live there. These men are a mystery; who they are or why they reside at the world’s end leaves one to wonder.


Clockworks is a small-sized map designed from the start to be totally custom nothing default from the roads to the monuments but don’t worry we have created equivalent monuments in the world progression system plus a twin-track above-ground rail network (Cargo Train Event Compatible) running the full circumference of the map complemented by railway-related monuments along the way.

Fully custom terrain, monuments and roads that brings a totally new unique look to your server.

Scientist’s have been replaced with our own set of NPC’S with varying attire and technology levels (if you do not like our NPC’s simply don’t install our plug-in and supply your own with any bot plug-in you want.

Every monument across the map is from a different time and technology level in the past so you could be visiting the 1920s railway and then head into a mediaeval town.

Size: 1600k
Prefabs: 49312


Yes, you are allowed to edit the map and add stuff etc.


  1. Windsword
  2. Rob's Grain Mill
  3. Fangorn’s Barrow
  4. Old Springs
  5. Yawning Grave
  6. Old Ruins
  7. Everfall
  8. Ruins Of Sorrow
  9. Timber Bay
  10. Ever Knot Keep
  11. Bog Water Fortress
  12. Crashed Airship
  13. Turning Rails
  14. Sulfur Rig
  15. Metal Rig


If you need to contact me discord is best: RobJ2210#2553 Or Cobalt#3344
For help/support however, my discord group is best: Join RustMaps Discord


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